The festive season is upon us, providing a perfect opportunity for businesses to reconnect with clients and customers using bulk SMS. During festivals, you can plan out efficient marketing methods that will help you get the attention of your clients and boost your sales. 

Share the best festive deals via SMS message to encourage customers to purchase from your brand.  Create automated workflow with different messages from starting a conversation with a customer, building relationship through 2-way engagement, thanking for a purchase and providing support. . 

Let’s get started with some tips as to how SMS marketing can help you drive more sales during the festive season. 

Methods to Increase Footfall and Sales

One popular way to stay in touch with customers is through a text message. A specific message can be sent out to customers with specific personalised messages. SMS is one of the most popular modes of communication and it is more than likely that your prospective customers will check their phone while they are at work or at home.

Here are a few tips for using bulk SMS messages and increasing your customer base, leading to increased sales.

  • Update Your Subscriber List

As the festive season hits, the first job for any brand is to invite more customers to their shop. To do so, they need to go back to their ‘Comment Book’ at their stores and enlist all the mobile numbers of shoppers. For the online stores, you must provide an option for the users who are visiting your site to leave their contact information or sign up for a newsletter so they can get updates on a regular basis. By providing this option, you are encouraging the visitors of your site to leave their contact information and join your list, increasing the chance for marketing success. Furthermore, you can encourage users to join your brand through social media campaigns.  This method of creating a user database will be more effective if it is integrated with other marketing strategies such as gamification and customer reward campaigns.

  • Welcome New Customers

As soon as a user makes a purchase,  use SMS to welcome a new customer and share your customer support number with them.  More specifically, it’s a good idea to let customers know that their information has been received and that the company appreciates their interest in the brand if they have signed up for an online account or chosen to receive SMS marketing messages.

  • Preview Sale Announcements

Keep aside a list of shoppers who prefer to interact with you on the first day of the festive sale period. Such shoppers can be given exclusivity by sending initial announcements only to them and creating the opening sale excitement by sending 2-3 follow up messages.

  • Special Offers

Highlight your discounts clearly in your first discount message for customers. Post this, send reminders and coupon codes that can be availed at online or offline stores to get discounts. The customers can be notified that they are missed by ‘Missing You’ messages or a ‘What’s Keeping You Away From Us’ message. You can also create urgency by sending messages like ‘2 Days to Go’. 

  • Sale Extension Notifications 

Make your Sale extension notifications special by increasing the discounts and giving a free bag to every shopper. Such SMS can be sent to customers who usually visit your stores during the end of sale season or only on weekends. 

  • Reminders/ Follow ups 

The best way to close more deals is by sending timely, relevant messages. This is where a simple SMS can be of great help and make an impact on your company’s bottom line. With a personal reminder SMS, your customer will be reminded of the purchase they intend to make. The SMS will inform them of the last date they can make the purchase and also prompt a customer to confirm their order through a simple reply to the message.

You can send this reminder anytime during or after their holiday shopping spree depending on whether you want them to buy now or later.

  • Introducing a New Product

When a business introduces or launches a new product or service, they want to inform their customers. These updates might not be seen in a crowded email inbox, but when sent as SMS, they have a big impact. If a user browses through a new product online and/or makes a purchase, send an SMS to leave reviews and share their choice with their family and friends. 

  • Order Confirmations and Delivery Updates

Another crucial step to exceptional customer service is reaching out to customers by SMS to let them know that their order has been received. Send a powerful ‘Thank You’ message, ‘See You Soon Again’ message or ‘Limited Time Promotional Deals’ message. Customers also benefit from knowing the status of their order, expected delivery dates, and when their package is on the way.

  • Rewards and Points

The rewards program is one of the best tools for brands looking to attract and retain loyal customers. The best strategy to encourage repeat business and brand loyalty are to send out messages reminding customers of their earned points and awards. When users receive such SMS, they are encouraged to use their earned points and incentives during the festive sale period..

  • A Two-Way Conversation

Customers can be contacted via text message to share information about products, policies, KYC, order shipments, and other resources. Businesses can utilise SMS service to communicate information about their services by using CTAs like “For more information, text XYZ to 63111.”

  • To promote online presence, use links or URLs

Links can be included in SMS messages to entice customers to visit your website, as well as to look at new products, blogs, and seasonal deals. With the help of a smartphone , you can very well confirm that customers are only a text or click away from visiting your online store.

Boost Your Sales This Festive Season with Mtalkz

For any successful business, the customer is the king. However, for the festive season, businesses should be aware of some personalisation techniques that are expected by customers. For many retail business owners, the 4th Quarter is their busiest and most profitable time of the year. This period can generate the same amount of sales as the 9 months prior to that. This makes for a very special quarter. 

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