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Email API for Developers

Streamline Email Communication with Our Developer-Friendly API
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Mtalkz Email API for Developers

Combine the Mtalkz Bulk SMS Service with Voice Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call service and WhatsApp Business API service to give limitless experience to your Customers & Borrowers and stakeholders.

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To access the Mtalkz Email API for developers, you will need to sign up for a Mtalkz account. Once you have created an account, you can access the API documentation and obtain the API key that you will need to integrate the API into your website or application. You can also drop a mail to enquiry@mtalkz.com

The integration process for the Mtalkz Email API depends on the specific needs of your website or application. Mtalkz provides detailed API documentation that will guide you through the integration process, including information on how to authenticate with the API and how to send emails using the API.

Email api works as a web hook that enable enterprises to connect their systems with our email infrastructure.  Developers can specify the SPF and DKIM settings provided by us in their DNS and connect with our systems using our open API’s to send automated emails to their customers. This can also be done for enabling mass push for email marketing. Developers and enterprises can use this to send important communications like, invoices, updates and offers.