Innovation Talk by Abhishek Prakash

Mtalkz Founder Interview

Elets Technomedia recently organized a Innovation Talk with Mtalkz Founder, Mr. Abhishek Founder, to discuss the BFSI challenges and strategies to help enterprises grow. Mtalkz is focused on driving organizations growth by building a new communication platform for Enterprises and BFSI Industry and help them grow through future strategies and resilience. The session was conducted by […]

What Is an SMS API and How Does It Work?

sms api

Nowadays, businesses are growing rapidly and the demand for SMS is rising as a marketing tactic, plus it’s a great way to connect and reach out to the customers instantly. According to researchers, the number of cellphone users and business text messaging will continue to be a major factor for years to come as 75% […]

Why do People Prefer Voice OTPs over SMS OTP

Voice OTP

If the transaction verification process doesn’t include the Voice OTP Service, then businesses are doing it all wrong. By utilising OTP SMS service and Voice OTP together, businesses can increase their OTP delivery rate to an astounding 99%. To increase delivery rates, voice OTP service has already been included in nearly all banking and financial […]

Ways to Build User Journey Through Omnichannel Engagement

Omnichannel Engagement

The customer journey, buyer journey, or user journey illustrates a consumer’s interaction with a brand. An omnichannel customer engagement journey maps the major interactions the customers have with the business over a variety of channels and over the course of their lifetime. A user’s interactions with any company via a number of different channels, such […]

Why is Mtalkz one of the Best Cloud-based Messaging Providers?

Best Cloud-based Messaging Providers

Micro-interactions with customers in real-time are a hallmark of mobile marketing today. Engaging customers across the user journey requires enterprises to use various mobile messaging channels to reach them at the right time and right place, in a way their customer wants. Creating a perfect experience for their customers is a challenging task, and they […]

Enterprise Text Messaging that Scale with your Business

Enterprise Text Messaging

One of the most effective techniques in the toolbox of marketing professionals worldwide is SMS messaging. Information can be fluidly exchanged through SMS messages. New leads can be quickly attracted, existing clients can be maintained, and the customer base can be continuously updated.  How to maximise the benefits and impact of SMS messaging, given how […]

Build Customer Loyalty for Stock Broking Companies

Customer Loyalty for Stock Broking Companies

One of the most effective strategies to develop your business is increasing customer retention. The greatest part is that you’ve already done the groundwork to get the customers onboard. They know your identity and what you do, understand the value of your product/service, and see how that value can benefit their business. In other words, […]

Role of Personalisation in Customer Experience (CX) in the CPaaS Industry?

Customer Experience (CX) in the CPaaS Industry

A growing number of companies are taking advantage of proprietary data to create highly personalised consumer experiences. By accurately executing, such experiences businesses differentiate themselves and gain a sustainable competitive edge in the market. You know that improving customer experience is crucial to expanding your business and retaining customers, no matter what industry you are […]

The Past, Present and Future of CPaaS

Future of CPaaS

According to 85% of top-performing firms, APIs are a smart approach to building your business. Over the last ten years, multichannel software (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) have become the real solution. These tools simplify businesses to create features that allow them to safely and reliably engage with customers, accelerating innovation in a […]

How D2C Brands can Engage in Meaningful Conversations

Conversational Messaging in D2C

The rising popularity of the online D2C model is one of the biggest retail trends influenced by the pandemic. However, the D2C ecosystem is at an inflexion point of rapid growth in India. Today, consumers find inspiration, browse and research, purchase and pay, share and engage across multiple channels. According to a report, the number […]