Build Customer Loyalty for Stock Broking Companies

Customer Loyalty for Stock Broking Companies

One of the most effective strategies to develop your business is increasing customer retention. The greatest part is that you’ve already done the groundwork to get the customers onboard. They know your identity and what you do, understand the value of your product/service, and see how that value can benefit their business. In other words, […]

Mtalkz Integrates with Shopify to Provide SMS Marketing Automation

Mtalkz integrates with Shopify to provide SMS marketing automation

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform enabling businesses to create a customized gateway to their business, including website, payment, inventory, and shipping management tools. It includes everything one needs to launch a digital asset and a virtual company. When you start selling virtually, you need to set up a storefront, display items, interact with consumers, process […]

What is SMS Marketing Automation?

SMS Marketing Automation

SMS marketing has been a very popular means of marketing for companies over the years. These services function by delivering business-related information that might be in the consumer’s interest using SMS. For example, these SMS includes brand promotion, offers, updates, notifications, alerts, marketing campaigns, etc.  SMS marketing services have been in use for a long […]

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Universities and Edtech

marketing automation for Universities and Edtech

It’s no wonder that marketing automation is becoming more popular among colleges and universities day by day. The marketing automation platforms that can entirely revolutionise student recruitment activities provide multifunctional solutions that can help scale your operations, boost personalisation, and track engagement. While most marketing automation tool systems have similar fundamental functions, the actual challenge […]