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Make it super easy for your channel partners and customers to connect. Use mTalkz SMS gateway to inform and WhatsApp Business API to engage.

    OTP Api for Developer

    The mTalkz OTP API for Developers

    Combine the mTalkz Bulk SMS Service with Voice Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call service and WhatsApp Business API service to give limitless experience to your Customers & Borrowers and stakeholders.


    OTP Api for developers – FAQ


    What is OTP API?

    OTP API is an open API that can be used for sending OTP’s (onetime passwords).  We provide OTP API’s for SMS, Email, Voice SMS and Whatsapp.  These API’s may be combined with our Authenticator API where the OTP generation and validation takes place in our system via an AES256 encryption algorithm.

    Can I send Promotional Offers?

    No you may not send promotional offers via OTP API.  However you can use promotional or transactional SMS API to send promotional offers.

    Is DLT applicable?

    Yes, DLT is applicable for every Entity/Company and Reseller. If you want to send your SMS (Transactional or Promotional), you need to do Entity Registration. If you want to Resell SMS services, you need to do TeleMarketer Registration.

    How do I buy SMS credits?

    You can purchase credits online via Credit or Debit card, PayPal, or electronic funds transfer.  Post your purchases our support teams will share details that will help you use the credits via an API or our SMS Panel.  Similarly separate systems and API’s will be provided for Voice OTP, Email OTP and Whatsapp OTP.

    Do You Provide Delivery Reports?

    Yes we do. A detailed reporting module is available on our Cloud platform.  Please see the video on our mtalkz SMS Panel on youtube to understand the features in details.  For more queries please write to [email protected] and or call us at +91-9868629924

    How safe are my client contact list?

    Your contact list is completely safe as at Mtalkz we do not re-sell data.  Appropriate safety mechanisms are in place to track any data leakage and these include Second Factor access, IP monitoring and Sessions management among other processes.  All employees are bound through their employment contract and access to systems to our support teams is limited to support specialists and that too on need to know basis.  We can also enable IP tagging with client servers so that no other IP can trigger or access your data.

    Need Customer Support What can I do?

    Please feel free to write to  ([email protected]) or call  (+919868629924). Our Experts solve your problem as early as possible.  Normally the response time is within 30 minutes during office hours and 4 hours during after office hours.