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RCS messaging – The New Android Chat Texting Service

What is RCS Messaging?

Consistently, billions of individuals and a great many organizations interface through text informing, an advanced method to convey that is really been around for more than 30 years. RCS (Rich Communications Services) is a cutting edge SMS convention being supported by the GSMA, Google and Android, Samsung, and numerous transporters and cell phone makers.

SMS: The Foundation of RCS

SMS has become a fundamental piece of our lives. Starting at 2007, clients were sending more instant messages than calls, and now, with a SMS work accessible in every cell phone, utilization among all age bunches has soar. Organizations, as well, progressively depend on SMS to help clients, request input, and prize reliability with unique offers. Everything considered, there are more than 15 million writings sent each moment. That is 22 billion SMS messages a day!

Since messaging is so basic, and the messages are short by plan, customers love utilizing SMS to draw in with organizations. They don’t need to sit on hold, remove time from their day to visit a business face to face, or stand by long for an email to be reacted to. They can shoot a speedy message in the middle of all the other things they’re doing, and be guaranteed to get a compact answer instantly. Organizations additionally love the channel; notwithstanding the buyer inclination for messaging, there’s likewise its pervasiveness, worldwide reach, promptness, and unmatched open rates. Of course, email open rates are extraordinary at 20-30%. However, as indicated by a Dynmark study, email can’t rival the 98% open rate that SMS appreciates! Indeed, 90% of writings are perused inside 3 seconds, and almost a third (29%) are reacted to!

Chat Apps Keep Businesses Busy

SMS isn’t the only one in its notoriety. Applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, each with over 1.2 billion clients, contend in a jam-packed market with iMessage, WeChat, Slack, Skype, Viber, Android Messages, and numerous others. These free and minimal expense courier applications give an encounter that expands on SMS, offering bunch visit, picture sharing, video, sound, and an apparently interminable scope of emojis. Whenever you’ve utilized one of these element rich applications, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why they’ve taken off.

The notoriety of talk applications is ideal for organizations hoping to draw in with purchasers in progressively ‘tacky’ ways. However, the sheer number of various applications has divided the scene. To help clients across a particularly packed informing environment, engineers need to grapple with varieties in APIs, abilities, and tooling. Keeping up has demonstrated to be troublesome, tedious, and — generally significant — expensive.

RCS: The Next Generation of Text Messaging

Enter RCS, a move up to SMS through an all inclusive standard known as Rich Communications Services. RCS, a stage that is fundamentally more intuitive and skilled than the present SMS, has been upheld and advanced by the GSMA since 2008.

So, RCS makes text informing as connecting as WeChat, WhatsApp, and other informing applications while giving the scope of SMS and MMS. Rich highlights like high-res photograph and video sharing, planning bearings, area sharing, composing pointers, the capacity to add and eliminate individuals to bunch visits, thus substantially more, are conveyed to a gadget’s default informing application regardless of the organization the client is on.

So whether it’s individual to-individual (P2P) informing between companions or application-to-individual (A2P) informing utilized for business purposes, RCS is changing the manner in which everybody imparts.

RCS: Benefits of RCS

Enter RCS, and join a real new world of SMS messaging.  Here are some of the benefits.

Richer media
• Deliver High resolution photos
• Share Videos, GIFs, Audio
• Solves MMS incompatibility

More conversational / interactive
• AI based Suggested replies
• Suggested actions buttons
• AI capabilities

Trusted messages
• Verified business checkmark
• Full brand name instead of random ID
• Customization of color / logo for brand

RCS Business Messaging Takes A2P Messaging Even Further

As you would envision, A2P informing can be somewhat more muddled than informing in a P2P setting. Beforehand, to help clients across different informing channels like SMS or Facebook Messenger, designers ended up wrestling with varieties in APIs, application capacities, and show limitations. RCS informing presented comparable difficulties. While permitting organizations to move past fundamental messaging, RCS informing stayed expensive and hard to create and convey because of an absence of normalization. In any case, by meeting up under the umbrella of the GSMA’s Universal Profile for RCS, transporters can cost-viably give RCS informing to organizations and assist them with drawing in clients than any time in recent memory.

RCS Business Messaging (the term utilized by the portable business for rich business-to-customer messages) will help associations of all sizes profit with making really marked discussions across organizations and shipped off any gadget. This can incorporate conveyance of things like computerized show passes and tickets, hello def video and PDFs, item merry go rounds that buyers can peruse and purchase from, and proposed answers and activities for more direct A2P commitment.

Moving Forward: What’s Next For RCS

Here at Mtalkz, we’re as of now beginning to see some creative and drawing in manners that business advertisers are pondering utilizing RCS. What’s more, as with any new innovation, we’re amped up for upgrades to the stage that will proceed with the force.

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RCS Messaging – FAQs

What is RCS Messaging?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a next generation SMS protocol that upgrades text messages with Rich features like branding, media, and analytics.

How do I know if I have RCS messaging?

If your A2P SMS messages to customer are delivered without your log and a safety check box, then you may assume you do not have RCS.  Since RCS is a new service you will need to apply with your SMS provider to get RCS for your brand.

Is RCS messaging free?

Your SMS partner may charge for making you RCS compliance.  As of yet the there are no additional charges on messaging for RCS.

How to get google RCS messaging India?

Please write to us at enquiry@mtalkz.com or call +91-9869629924 our teams will assist yo in becoming RCS compliant.

What are limitations with RCS?

RCS only works with Google Messages App (Ver 5.4 onwards) in android handsets and Apple users cannot avail this service.

RCS Currently works with Airtel, Vodafone-IDEA & JIO Operators and this will not work with BSNL and MTNL for now

Supported Regions are North America, Europe and Asia Pacific