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Power of Conversational Messaging in Logistics and
Supply Chain

Automate tasks such as ordering products from suppliers and tracking shipments.

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How can Mtalkz benefit the Logistics industry?

Target More People

Logistic companies can run promotional campaigns via web, voice or SMS to generate more leads and inform about their business. Discount coupons can be offered to repeat customers through multiple channels like SMS and WhatsApp.

promotional campaigns

Convenience Alerts

Logistic companies can use WhatsApp or SMS alerts for various purposes including order booking, sharing shipment number, sharing delivery date, order tracking number, scheduling return pickups, address confirmation, refund information etc. All this can be facilitated by WhatsApp notifications or SMS.

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Supplier Management & Partner Interactions

One of the biggest challenges for logistics professionals is to work with their supply chain partners to ensure that everything is running smoothly. This means building strong relationships with suppliers for packaging, transport and compliance as well as staying in close contact with customers throughout the process. This process optimisation can be achieved through SMS messaging that improves efficiency and cut costs.  


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Transparency and Quick Resolutions

Logistics firms enable thousands of deliveries every day, that involves hundreds of customers. Each customer may have queries, which can be resolved through automated chatbot. Such bots save time and money and lower support staff involvement to half. Chatbots can detect when a customer needs human support and automatically switch to live agents.

promotional campaigns

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What Mtalkz can offer for your Supply Chain and Logistics Company


With immediate notifications to partners distributors and customers, service delivery can be improved, and customer satisfaction can be enhanced.

Conversational AI Chatbots

Chatbots can be used to provide a better customer experience by creating automated assistance with customer service such as answering questions or providing status updates on orders. Built in as easy as 3 steps, Chatbots can be functional with drag and drop tools.


WhatsApp can work as a channel for customers to communicate with their supplier or distributor directly. It enhances trust between all parties involved. The availability of this medium means that people are no longer limited by location; they can now speak with anyone, anytime, anywhere


Voice-enabled technology can assist you in marketing your services through outbound medium to various audiences. You can also set up a missed call number on your website to increase customer calls at less costs.

Why Mtalkz?


Mtalkz offers a lot of scalability in its services. The services are quite flexible by nature and will easily adapt to the expansion of your E-Commerce enterprise. They are ideal for modern and competitive business environments.

Global Coverage

Another reason why opting for Mtalkz is a good choice for your E-Commerce business is that its global aggregator partnerships enable you to engage with customers all over the world.

Ease of integration

Mtalkz’s services are quite user-friendly and can also be easily integrated into your E-Commerce business infrastructure. They can also be easily accessed once the integration is complete.

High delivery rates

Mtalkz’s high throughput systems ensure speedy delivery rates. They can even prioritise the urgent and most critical traffic.

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Bulk SMS Service For Logistics Industry – FAQ

Yes, you can integrate our API’s with any system.  Visit to create a free account and test the API’s

Yes, you can send promotional offers both via an API and via a web panel upload.  You can use multiple automation options including vernacular options.

Sending WhatsApp notifications for Automobile through WhatsApp is now easy.  Choose from our subscription plan on Whatsapp Business API page and start sending the messages.