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Long code service

What is Long Code?

 A Long Code is typically a 10-digit phone number that is used to exchange SMS and MMS Communications. A toll-free number in the form of 1-8YY is also a Long Code example.


These services allow you to benefit from real-time reporting and analytics. Businesses can understand their customers better through our user-friendly web panel. They will have access to information like the sender’s mobile number, message, operator, circle, date of the message, time of the message, etc.


Customers can respond to a Long Code SMS with a specific keyword. The fact that the process of delivering responses is so easy saves a lot of time for both customers and enterprises. It can also make the communication process simpler and more understandable for everyone


Long Codes have a standard length of 10 digits. These codes can be used for conducting different kinds of transactional and promotional business activities.

Multilingual Content

Long Code SMS Services allow businesses to send SMS messages in different languages. This can aid enterprises in communicating with customers who come from different regions and backgrounds. Multilingual content support can aid companies in expanding their customer base.

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How can a Long Code SMS Service serve your enterprise?


2-Way Messaging

Long codes can be used for customer support and sales, allowing companies to communicate with their customers in a much more affordable way than traditional SMS.


Attract More Audience

Long codes are also useful for charities and non-profit organizations that need to take donations from multiple people at once.


Online Surveys

Get more responses from your target audience by using a long code number in real-time. Long codes are reliable source to generate feedback.

Key Benefits

One of the advantages of a Long Code SMS Service is that it can be set up in a short amount of time. You can get this done within a few hours. This can enable companies to optimize their business resources and get an increased ROI.

Long Codes can be used for both sending and receiving texts. They can also be used to make calls. Customers can participate in the two-way communication process using the same number for both texts and calls.

What makes a Long Code SMS Service special is that the messages can be customized according to the needs of different enterprises and customers. Customisation in communication services can enable people to cope with fast-changing business environments across the globe.

Another benefit of a Long Code SMS is that since the SMS messages can be sent and received in different languages, the communication services of an enterprise would appeal to a diverse audience. Having an expanded customer base will increase a company’s profits in the long run.

benefits of long code service

Why is a Long Code SMS Service good for your business?



Text messages have a 209% greater response than a phone, email or Facebook.



Customers open 98% of their SMS messages but only open 20% of their emails.



About 30% of customers respond to SMS messages. Out of those, 50% make a purchase

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Long Code SMS Service – FAQs

A long code is a standard, 10-digit number. It is used to send & receive SMS & voice messages.

• If you want to communicate 1-on-1 with customers
• If you want to provide SMS & Voice customer service
• If you want to set up texting network for your internal staff
• If you want to keep your number consistent across all channels

Short code number belongs to 6 digit numbers where long code number belongs to complete 10 digit number. Once customer revert over the short code the main balance deduction will be require as per operator charges, under the long code SMS charges can can come under your SMS pack without charging over main balance. Long code can also be used for missed call services where as short code doesn’t support this service.

Long codes form a longer set of digits as compared to short codes and can be used to send and receive texts, faxes and make calls. Long code text messages are the message where the company send the text SMS towards the user inbox for promotional and transactional activities similarly user can also send their response with the help of specific key word.

A long code is a phone number which is typically a 10-digit number used to exchange SMS & MMS communications. Toll-free numbers in the form of 1-8YY also fall under messaging long codes.