Long Code SMS Service Provider in India

There are several ways to reach out to your customer, and choosing the right channel for your business is an important one. 

One of the most favoured and effective communication methods used by businesses is texting. And, one of the more popular texting services is the long code SMS service. Also known as a dedicated phone number or virtual mobile number, it is a reception mechanism that is used by companies to receive voice calls and messages. It is also a great way to promote your business, improve your response rates and build your consumer database. 

With Mtalkz, you can combine our long code SMS service with our voice bulk SMS service, missed call service and WhatsApp business API service to provide you with the best, limitless experience as our customer. You can do it all with a single dedicated virtual number for your business. Our long code SMS service can be used for mobile verification systems, lead generation, opt-in database systems, mobile ticketing and SMS subscription activation. The information that you receive is gathered on the basis of the keyword request.  These services can also be used to receive feedback from your customers. 

Long code SMS service is an excellent way to communicate with your customers one-on-one. It is also beneficial if you are looking to set up a texting network for your employees and wish to keep a consistent number across different channels. 

Mtalkz’s services are globally accessible and an excellent option for businesses that wish to target their customers without having to pay premium charges. They are also a perfect option for a closed group target audience like existing customers, vendors, dealers, salesforce, etc. You can also create real-time polls, surveys and promotions that can be marketed through SMS, calls and WhatsApp with the same virtual number. 

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Take your brand Voice Broadcast at just one click to millions of people
with our Voice Call platform

Take your brand Voice Broadcast at just one click to millions of people with our Voice Call platform

Use Cases

Marketing Campaigns

Execute time bound marketing campaigns by offering your customers discount coupons for a particular time period to track the effectiveness of campaign and attract as much customers as you can. E.g., if you are a beauty parlor, send discount coupons to your customers during Indian festivals like Karwachauth or wedding season so as to grab more and more customers.


Retarget your audience and increase the ROI on your campaigns with our platforms. Send short links in the message or e mails and track the information like the end users mobile numbers who have clicked on the link, track their location, time , handset and browser. After tracking the said information segment the data accordingly and retarget again with more refined audience.

Customer Relationship Management

Send your customers wishes on festivals and on their birthdays and anniversaries to keep make them aware your care about them. Keep reminding that they should come back to you as they are important for you.

Personalized Messages

Now send personalized messages to your customers in just few clicks. If you are a Dietician you cans end your patients personalized diet charts and health tips according to their needs by using our grouping contacts feature.

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Long Code SMS Service – FAQs

What are long codes used for?

A long code is a standard, 10-digit number. It is used to send & receive SMS & voice messages.

• If you want to communicate 1-on-1 with customers
• If you want to provide SMS & Voice customer service
• If you want to set up texting network for your internal staff
• If you want to keep your number consistent across all channels

What is the difference between shortcode and long code SMS?

Short code number belongs to 6 digit numbers where long code number belongs to complete 10 digit number. Once customer revert over the short code the main balance deduction will be require as per operator charges, under the long code SMS charges can can come under your SMS pack without charging over main balance. Long code can also be used for missed call services where as short code doesn’t support this service.

What is a long code text message?

Long codes form a longer set of digits as compared to short codes and can be used to send and receive texts, faxes and make calls. Long code text messages are the message where the company send the text SMS towards the user inbox for promotional and transactional activities similarly user can also send their response with the help of specific key word.

What's a long code?

A long code is a phone number which is typically a 10-digit number used to exchange SMS & MMS communications. Toll-free numbers in the form of 1-8YY also fall under messaging long codes.