We live in a digital world, where online transactions are no longer a trend, rather they have become indispensable. Nowadays, every person in one way or the other is online services for buying different products and services.

An OTP (one-time password) is an automatically generated string of numeric or alphanumeric characters. It is used as a mode of authentication to verify the users before a transaction or running a session in an app/ website. 

The OTP is generated from a 2FA security token and is delivered through an SMS. For safety reasons, the OTP is designed in a way that it would be valid only for a short period of time; after that particular period the users have to obtain a new OTP. 

There are three ways to send the OTP SMS:

  • Voice(Phone Call)
  • Email
  • SMS

Due to the technical intricacies, voice and email procedures are not much favoured. SMS is the most popular, simple, and reliable way to reach consumers.

Why Is It Beneficial?

  • It is the best way to validate the user in a simpler way, especially for banking transactions.
  • Bulk OTP SMS does not take more than 30-60 seconds to approve the user. It becomes invalid if the user forgets to put the given pin number at the specified time.
  • As soon as any transaction takes place, it notifies the user about the transaction.
  • It is relatively safe and secure when it comes to sending the bulk SMS. It deters the criminals from receiving secret codes.

We at mTalkz, provide a dedicated route for a faster way of communication to authenticate the user. Moreover, we also offer guaranteed OTP delivery under 15 seconds where OTP service is related to customer onboarding or financial transactions.  We also offer external generation and validation of OTP for banking and finance systems where there is a requirement of generating OTPs outside the banking system for security purposes.

One time Password is the best way to get secure from fraudulent activities and scammers. Today, online shopping and transferring the funds online have become the day to day routine. However, when it comes to transactions, then safety and security become a matter of concern, and also, it is the duty of every brand to make sure that their consumers are safe.

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