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Stay ahead of the game by implementing robust authentication processes and increase security measure with Mtalkz OTP authenticator service. Secure online transactions and safeguard user’s accounts with an OTP that is generated through our AES 256 secure algorithm.  One time passwords (OTPs) are an authentication technique normally utilised as a feature of two-factor identification (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) that can help balance these requirements. OTPs are unique passwords that are only valid for a single sign in session for a defined timeframe. 

We live in a digital world, where online transactions are no longer a trend, rather they have become indispensable. Nowadays, every person in one way or the other uses online services for buying different products and services. An OTP is securely used as a mode of authentication to verify the users before a transaction or running a session in an app/ website. The OTP is generated from a 2FA security token and is delivered through an SMS. For safety reasons, the OTP is designed in a way that it would be valid only for a short period of time; after that particular period the users have to obtain a new OTP. 

Give Secure OTP Authentication To Your Applications By Using Mtalkz OTP Authenticator API.

Use simple APIs and provide secure validations to your website or application.

Time Guarantee

Get ensured delivery of 99% of messages within 15 seconds and secured logins for your customers, websites and applications

Bulk SMS Services OTP Authenticator

User Authentication

Reduce the likelihood of users being impersonated by verifying their identity with two factor authentication (2FA)

Dedicated Routes

Feel safe to send OTP’s through dedicated carrier connectivity and instant routing

OTP Length​

Configurable length of OTP of 4 Digits or 6 Digits

Reports & Analytics

Intuitive dashboards that ease monitoring, management, and reporting capabilities

Validity Period

Configurable validity of OTP second, minutes or hours

Beyond Texts Elevate Security with Mtalkz

Leverage the power of Bulk SMS and WhatsApp

Key Benefits

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Why OTP?

Banking and Financial Services

74% of consumers want OTP for every e-payment transaction.

Completely secure, does not require internet connection or app. 

Automate Customer Support API of WhatsApp

No more need to generate and validate OTP within your application, do it with an AES 256 secure algorithm.

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OTP SMS Service – FAQs

OTP Authentication, also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), is a security measure used to verify the identity of a user by requiring them to provide a one-time passcode in addition to their username and password. This passcode is usually sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS or generated by an authenticator app.

OTP verification works by requiring the user to provide a unique passcode that is generated or sent to their mobile device. This passcode is usually valid for a limited time and can only be used once. The user enters the passcode into the system, which then verifies it against the stored passcode. If the passcodes match, the user is granted access to the system.

OTP verification service is a service provided by companies like Mtalkz that allows businesses to add an extra layer of security to their systems by implementing OTP authentication. The service includes generating and sending the OTP to the user’s mobile phone, as well as validating the passcode entered by the user.

When choosing an OTP service provider, it’s important to consider factors such as the provider’s reliability, scalability, and cost. You should also look for providers that offer a user-friendly interface and good customer support. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the provider is compliant with any relevant security standards and regulations.

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The cost of our OTP services varies depending on the package and volume of SMS messages you require. Please contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

Visit out OTP SMS Pricing Page.  For a more customised plan please drop in a request to enqiry@mtalkz.com

You can contact Mtalkz for OTP SMS Service help by visiting our website and filling out the contact form or by sending an email to our customer support team at support@mtalkz.com. You can also reach us by phone at +91- 9868629924