Get 10X Returns On Your Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Through mTalkz

Social media marketing is a recent phenomenon. Worldwide many companies are either not aware of the power of WhatsApp marketing or are not acquainted with the potential of this marketing platform. In India, very few selected companies have marketed their products through Whatsapp and these companies have reaped very rich dividends from the same. BJP […]

Boost Your Business With White Label Bulk SMS Reseller Program

India had a flourishing Bicycle industry once upon a time.  Atlas Cycle was a household name.  We have all grown up riding a Hero Cycle.  These brands exist but where has the industry gone? The whole industry has been made superfluous because of White Label Marketing by Chinese Cycle manufacturing industry. The Chinese company manufacture […]

Struggling To scale up your business-mTalkz Bulk SMS Service can help you

 We Indians are now living through some very exciting times. India has emerged as 6th top performing economy of the world as per the latest World Bank report.  India has also become leading global provider of IT services, BPO and software services.  The country is now the world’s third largest start-up hub adding over 3000 […]

Automatic SMS Verification with the SMS Retriever API: The real impact on your business growth

Introduction: Recently Alphabet (holding company of has announced a new Google’s play store policy. This has been done following the Google+ data leak and has severe implications for apps in India. Really?  How about competition from BULK SMS API. Problem Statement: So, actually what is the mandate of this policy. It just prevents you […]

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