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We’re boosting startup businesses to help them reach their full potential with Ready-To-Go-Live plans just according to their needs. Use our simple communication APIs to get connected.

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We’re sure you are already making smart decisions to grow your business, but there’s lots of
opportunity to scale even faster. In today’s fast-paced economy, startups need to grow as
quickly as possible to compete in the marketplace. However, rapid growth often comes at
the cost of scalability. Scaling your startup means growing it faster and more efficiently. This
involves adding new layers of functionality and technology. With Mtalkz, you can send Bulk SMS messages, use voice messaging, and enable WhatsApp Business API.

Key Benefits

Mtalkz is enabling startups to increase their business reach with our value packs at no costs. Inform your customers about your stellar product through SMS, IVR, Email, WhatsApp, RCS and start building healthy engagement and traction.

benefits of communication api

Works Fantastically for All Areas of Function

Business Promotion

Grow your subscriber base through omnichannel messaging. Reach out to a larger audience and stay connected through more engaging, more interactive and more conversational messaging. Convert more customers with a targeted message.

Customer Support

Stay close to your customers by setting up a seamless customer care channel. This can be done by chatbots, IVR or Email support. Make sure to keep your customers engaged and happy with your brand by responding to their queries quickly.

Higher ROI

Track every single conversion and lead with advanced analytics to get the maximum ROI out of your campaigns. Get ready to boost your business profits and stay ahead of your competitors.

Our Collaborators

Our association with leading APEX Bodies, Venture Capital Firms, Startup Accelerators and Incubators offers vital support in building an ecosystem that help develop solutions with right fit and scale

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Discover the power of SMS

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Send rich text through

RCS – 100% Open Rate


Deliver most personalised
experiences via Email

95% Delivery Rate

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Augment Business Growth using WhatsApp Business API

3X Higher Leads


Speed up your business processes by IVR solutions

20% Reduced Operations

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