What is Two Factor Authentication?

otp authenticator

Digital transformation is leading to an increase in cyber fraud and hacking. As a solution to the problem, two factor authentication unquestionably provides an additional level of security for all your devices and immediately reduces the likelihood that hackers will successfully access online accounts or systems.   From the consumer perspective, as part of multi-factor […]

SMS OTP 2FA Remains #1 Choice for Fintech and Blockchain Companies


Technology has benefited businesses for years. But, it also makes it easier to execute misdeeds with modern hacking tools that may break into the privacy of an organisational data. Thus, every fintech and blockchain organisation must have strong authentication systems. This makes it  essential to utilise two-factor authentication to provide added degree of security to […]

Banking Sector – Ways to Improve Instant Customer Feedback

Banking Sector - Instant Customer Feedback

In this digitalized world, the role of the human workforce is reduced in all the repetitive tasks, thus enhancing productivity and speeding up service delivery. To survive and grow in this competitive market, your business needs to put in a serious effort to delight your customers. Even the banking sector has adopted various measures to […]