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Increase conversion and customer engagement with smarter, better, cost-effective Bulk SMS Messaging

  • Instant OTPs with Voice & WhatsApp fallback mechanisms
  • Notifications & Updates
  • Two-way interactions
  • International messaging
  • Longcodes & Shortcodes

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Covering All Your Bulk SMS Messaging Needs Be It Promotional Or Transactional

Promotional Bulk msg can be used to promote their products and services, or special offers to their customers.

Transactional Bulk msg can be used for order confirmations, delivery updates, account alerts and one-time passwords (OTPs).

Why are bulk SMS effective?

Bulk SMS campaigns, like those offered by Mtalkz, allow you to reach your audience instantly, with most messages opened within 90 seconds. They have a 98% open rate compared to 22% for emails, ensuring your content reaches more people quickly.


Quick Engagement:

85% of recipients read text messages within five minutes of receiving them, making SMS a fast and efficient way to reach your audience​


High Open Rates:

98% of SMS campaigns are opened, which is significantly higher than any other communication channel


Exceptional Reach:

86% of the world’s population owns smartphones, enhancing the reach of SMS marketing out of which 48% prefer text messages

Faster, Better, and most Cost-effective Bulk SMS For Free

Adopt an integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy to increase your reach with our bulk SMS for free. Whether it’s transactional, promotional, or OTP, we can manage it all for you!

Personalised Solutions

Technical Project Management


Easy to use Web-Panel

Real Time Report

24*7 Support

cloud based bulk sms messaging services
Cloud-Based Solutions
Technical Project Management
Technical Project Management
12000 TPS in our bulk messaging services
Easy to use Web-Panel for our 12000 TPS in our bulk messaging services
Easy to use Web-Panel
Real Time Reporting of SMS campaigns
Real Time Report
24×7 Support Direct support
24*7 Support
Fallback Capabilities

Reliable Messaging with Seamless Fallback Mechanism

Ensure your messages always reach your patients with our advanced WhatsApp fallback mechanism. When SMS messages encounter delivery issues, they automatically switch to WhatsApp, guaranteeing continuous and reliable communication within the healthcare industry.

Enrich Your User Experience with Multiple Bulk Messaging Solutions

International Messaging

Build personalized conversations with Mtalkz cloud communications platform to elevate your customer engagement across the globe

OTP Authenticator

Ensure 99% of messages are delivered within 15 seconds and secure logins for your customers, websites, and applications.

Email to SMS

Deploy Email-to-SMS to get the ease and flexibility to send an email as an SMS on a specific mobile number.

2-Way Messaging

Speed up your communication and open the window for customer interaction with 2-way messaging.


Shortcode SMS Services are a great way to run large campaigns and effectively generate leads.


Activate your branding spree with dedicated longcodes that take customer engagement to the next level.

Why Choose Mtalkz for Bulk SMS Services?

Personalised Solutions

Reduced Marketing Cost

Cost- Effective Solutions

5X Revenue Maximisation

Advisory services for Free Bulk SMS messaging services
Personalised Solutions

Reduced Marketing

Cost- Effective

5X Revenue

Try Mtalk's Bulk SMS Messaging Services for Free

Effortlessly Reach Your Audience with Mtalkz’s Free SMS Bulk Messaging Trial

Experience the power of seamless communication with Mtalkz’s Bulk SMS Messaging Services, now available for a complimentary trial. Engage with your audience efficiently and effectively, whether it’s for promotional offers, important announcements, or customer updates. With our user-friendly platform, sending bulk messages free has never been easier. Start your free trial today and discover the convenience and impact of Mtalkz’s bulk SMS free solutions.”

Effortlessly Integrate Any App with Our Bulk SMS APIs in Minutes

What Is DLT?

Businesses Need To Be Registered On DLT Platform To Send Commercial Messages

DLT stands for Distributed Ledger Technology. It is a decentralised database that is distributed across multiple nodes or participants in a network. The key characteristic of DLT is that it allows for secure and transparent record-keeping of transactions without the need for a central authority or intermediary. Register on DLT and get Free SMS credits

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Ravi Sharma

It’s been a great experience for me in terms of SMS delivery and seeing the analytics part of the campaign the best thing which I love is supporting to getting template approval.

Akshay Jain

Mtalkz is one of the best companies available in the market for DLT services. Process is smooth and hassle free

Siraj U.

Very approachable and always going the extra mile to help you in the best possible way. Would definitely recommend Mtalkz over the other options available in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mtalkz is considered India’s No. 1 bulk SMS service provider due to our high-quality services, reliability, and customer support. We offer a wide range of features and tools to help businesses effectively reach and engage with their customers through SMS marketing. Our sms services are easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface, and our team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience.

To find the best bulk SMS packages in India, you should research and compare different providers based on factors such as reliability, scalability, cost, and customer support. You should also look for providers that offer a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features and tools.

Mtalkz offers additional features such as scheduling, message personalization, and bulk uploading of contacts. These features can help businesses to efficiently manage their SMS campaigns and send targeted, personalized messages to their audience.

Yes. The number of messages has the provision to personalize as per the choice to include the customer’s name, order status and even a specific landing page on a website.


To buy Bulk SMS, you can contact Mtalkz sales team or drop a mail to enquiry@mtalkz.com. We will provide you with a user account, where you can manage your contacts, create messages, and send bulk SMS. 

You can also fill out the form on our contact us page.

The use of sending Bulk SMS includes:

  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Appointment reminders
  • Order confirmations and updates
  • Emergency alerts and notifications
  • Event invitations and reminders

Yes, Mtalkz offer additional features such as scheduling, message personalization, and bulk uploading of contacts. These features can help businesses to efficiently manage their SMS campaigns and send targeted, personalized messages to their audience.

Yes, Mtalkz has all compliant with TRAI regulations. They also registered as a Telemarketer on TRAI on various operator platforms. 

At Mtalkz, we understand the importance of seamless integration between different systems and applications, which is why we make the process of integrating our SMS service with other applications as straightforward as possible. Our bulk SMS service can be easily integrated using an API, which can be obtained directly from the Mtalkz portal.

Integrating Mtalkz’s SMS service with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or other applications is a straightforward process. The integration is done using the API (Application Programming Interface) provided by Mtalkz. The API can be accessed through the Mtalkz portal, where you can obtain the necessary code to integrate the SMS service with your system.

To integrate the SMS service, you will need to use either the GET or POST method to send SMS messages through the API. You can also specify the message content, recipient number, and sender ID in the API request. This will allow you to automate the sending of SMS messages from your CRM or other systems.

Mtalkz has 24*7 Customer support facility. User can connect with support team any time or they can drop a mail on support@mtalkz.com