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We were having an urgent need for a WhatsApp Business API account and then we found mTalkz. Not only they helped us to get our WhatsApp Business API account in just 3 weeks but the kind of support they have extended right from the initial documentation to integration to launch is quite appreciable. Thank you so much for lightning fast services.

MTalkz has been the vendor for integrating WhatsApp services for our Product Pooraa. Thanks to their continuous and prompt support, we have been able to implement one of the most comprehensive interactive WhatsApp platforms in India. I personally thank Prakash and Shivanshu for their support and would recommend MTalkz.

Send real-time alerts and notifications while offering always-on support through a chatbot or live agent


Give your customer a complete peace of mind

Easy Setup


Share your process with mTalkz


mTalkz enables you to get Whatsapp business account verified


mTalkz sets up your process with chatbot integration


Why Do I need Whatsapp Business Automation

Impact of COIVD19 is felt at multilevels around the world.  Customer are increasingly going to ask for app less and contact less methods of interacting with your brand.

What happens to my existing CRM or Loyalty Systems

mTalkz will ensure that journey flow is designed in a way to make an inclusive journey with your existing systems.  Most of the times the dynamic data will be fetched and written to your existing systems.

Who are top providers of Whatsapp Business Automation

This is a new and emerging area, there are many leading organizations that are attempting to provide whatsapp enablement services but a few that have ability to design and implement the entire journey.

mTalkz scores high among competition for three things.
1. Ability of understand customers business and service requirements.
2. Create tailor made Whatsapp Business API based solutions and driving customer engagement through a combination of SMS, Voice, Social media and emails.
3. Offering irresistible value through economic pricing and comprehensive support.

Is mTalkz a approved Whatsapp partner

Whatsapp has mandated certain organisations in each country to act as distribution points for increasing market reach.  mTalkz works with several such approved vendors.  However, its not necessary to take services directly from an approved vendor, only permissions for enablement need to be routed through an approved partner and this will be managed end to end by mTalkz

Will Whatsapp Allow me to push marketing campaigns

Absolutely not, push campaigns are not allowed on whatsapp business api as this is essentially a conversation channel. However, intelligent customer journey can be designed to enable sharing of relevant information with the customers.

Can I do e-commerce on Whatsapp

Intelligent chat flows can be designed so that customers can get customised links to make payments.  Whatsapp are coming with new features every month to enable a larger business use of their platform.

How will I get ROI on high initial cost

ROI is going to come from reduced cost multiple conversations and providing customers with easy to use chatting interface.  

Can I send Pictures, Videos, PDF

Yes you can send rich media files provided they become a part of an approved journey.  These will be sent as attachments to the messages and should contain relevant information related to the discussion.

Can this be misused to send marketing promotions

Unlikely and any brand should not even attempt to do it as it may get barred by whatsapp for a long time.  

Is my data Safe

Absolutely,  Whatsapp messaging data is protected by HTTPS protocols, for chatbot data you can ask for a more customised design to enhance security of your data. 

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Whatsapp Business API

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