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Build Strong and Loyal Customer Base through engaging conversations

We provide all the tools needed to help your business grow, including text and voice messaging, chatbots, analytics, and more. By using our Mtalkz Connect Platform, you can contact your customers in their preferred language.

Get ready to create successful personalized conversations for your industry

E-Commerce or D2C

Improve product discovery, streamline buying process, and provide excellent sales support.


Drive conversions, simplify payments and increase retention of student community.

BFSI & FinTech

Build confidence and long-term relationships with your customers with exceptional service expertise.

Travel & Hospitality

Generate leads and higher conversions with promos and memberships for your travel business.


Manage patient’s inflow, increase convenience, and build trust with engaging conversations.


Automate tasks, and improve product order and tracking, supplier management & partner interactions.


Generate leads and higher conversions with promos and memberships for your travel business.


Nurture customer relationships and improve brand advocacy for your FMCG or Direct to consumer business.

Media & Entertainment

Increase subscriptions and higher paying customers by sending personalised recommendations over OTT and Apps.

Works Fantastically for All Areas of Function

Business Promotion

Grow your subscriber base through omnichannel messaging. Reach out to a larger audience and stay connected through more engaging, more interactive and more conversational messaging. Convert more customers with a targeted message.

Customer Support

Stay close to your customers by setting up a seamless customer care channel. This can be done by chatbots, IVR or Email support. Make sure to keep your customers engaged and happy with your brand by responding to their queries quickly.

Higher ROI

Track every single conversion and lead with advanced analytics to get the maximum ROI out of your campaigns. Get ready to boost your business profits and stay ahead of your competitors.

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