Engage with your customers instantly with Missed Call Service. Expand your customer base with just one missed call using our powerful mTalkz API

Take your brand Voice Broadcast at just one click to millions of people with our Voice Call platform

Use Cases

Marketing Campaigns

Make your marketing campaigns earn by recording and sending voice messages in Bulk.  Save on call center costs and optimize your engagement expenses.  Our tools allow you to customize messages for different customers and even pick up files from your FTP servers.  Analytics like never before gives you complete control on who received, who listened, for how long and best of all capture customer repsonese in DTMF for further OBD.


If you are political party and want to reach each and every citizen of your area, do a voice broadcast. Record the message in the voice of the leader so as to give a personal feel to the end users and send out the voice message to millions of people at just one click. You can check out the real time reports too to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

Bill Payment reminders

Be it a payment for credit card payment or a EMI, send a payment reminder on voice to your customers to give them a quick reminder about the pending payment with exact amount that they need to pay with our text to speech function.

Mobile marketing

Take your product to billions of people at just one click in the language most preferable by your customers by our robust platform. Make a jingle and play that on the voice clip and be there in the mind of your customers when its time for them to make the purchase.

Health and Medicine

Send your clients health reminders or medicine reminders time to time to give them the care they deserve being your customers. Scheduled the voice clips to be played in advance for a period of time with our voice platform.


Never miss a customer, support your OTP with a backup, send voice OTP all over the world with the help of a trigger or a fault report.

Use Cases

Marketing Campaigns

Execute time bound marketing campaigns by offering your customers discount coupons for a particular time period to track the effectiveness of campaign and attract as much customers as you can. E.g., if you are a beauty parlor, send discount coupons to your customers during Indian festivals like Karwachauth or wedding season so as to grab more and more customers.


Retarget your audience and increase the ROI on your campaigns with our platforms. Send short links in the message or e mails and track the information like the end users mobile numbers who have clicked on the link, track their location, time , handset and browser. After tracking the said information segment the data accordingly and retarget again with more refined audience.

Customer Relationship Management

Send your customers wishes on festivals and on their birthdays and anniversaries to keep make them aware your care about them. Keep reminding that they should come back to you as they are important for you.

Personalized Messages

Now send personalized messages to your customers in just few clicks. If you are a Dietician you cans end your patients personalized diet charts and health tips according to their needs by using our grouping contacts feature.


How do I Activate Missed Call Service?

You can use just Simple steps Email ([email protected]) or call (9868629924). Our versatile experts will solve your problem immediately and will help you coordinate with missed call service as it may be required.