How to Schedule a Message for Sending at a Certain Time

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The many means of notifications are part and parcel of an era where the speed of information — and reaction — has become central. That’s not just true in our personal lives but applies equally to the business world.  Notifications are vital building blocks in this new data-driven and event-driven world. Notifications provide the ability […]

What is SMS Short Message Service?

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SMS is  a bold and strong marketing tool. Businesses use bulk SMS marketing as a communication tool to provide customers with urgent, important and time critical notifications. Despite having been used in India for a considerable amount of time, bulk SMS marketing has recently emerged as the best method for reaching consumers. With over 850 […]

What are SMS and MMS ?

What are SMS and MMS

It’s not surprising that texting is becoming a highly popular marketing technique and it is used as a fantastic tool for businesses to rapidly engage with their contacts. According to researchers, the use of mobile devices and business text messaging is a force that will be dominant for years to come. In fact, MMS messaging, […]

How Does Promotional Messaging Help Startups Grow?

Businesses are using SMS marketing as a technique to acquire, interact, inform and keep the customers engaged with their brand. Additionally, this enables companies to reach out to their customers via SMS which helps in increasing customer retention. Advertising industry is one of them who can get maximum benefit from the immense potential of SMS […]

SMS Marketing for New Age Businesses

SMS Marketing

Technology has completely changed the way we exist. Due to smartphones’ popularity and quick rise, communication has become easier and more effective since the introduction of the first cell phone. Irrespective of whether the business is small, medium, or large, companies are looking for more efficient and effective ways of brand marketing to increase sales, […]

How to Integrate Bulk SMS API in Tally Accounting Software?

Bulk SMS API in Tally Accounting Software

New channels are constantly emerging, and existing ones continue to evolve. Today’s consumers expect businesses to keep them informed and give them access to products or services wherever and whenever they want. To meet these needs, enterprises are using many different mobile communication strategies to reach their customers.  As these businesses use several other softwares […]

Promotional SMS and its Roaring Demand

Promotional SMS

SMS marketing is used by businesses to inform, update, notify, acquire, engage and retain customers. In addition to this, businesses allow customers to transact with them through SMS and build relationships with them for a lifetime. A promotional bulk SMS messaging service allows businesses to take advantage of SMS marketing’s enormous potential. A promotional SMS […]

Enterprise Text Messaging that Scale with your Business

Enterprise Text Messaging

One of the most effective techniques in the toolbox of marketing professionals worldwide is SMS messaging. Information can be fluidly exchanged through SMS messages. New leads can be quickly attracted, existing clients can be maintained, and the customer base can be continuously updated.  How to maximise the benefits and impact of SMS messaging, given how […]

Mtalkz Integrates with Shopify to Provide SMS Marketing Automation

Mtalkz integrates with Shopify to provide SMS marketing automation

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform enabling businesses to create a customized gateway to their business, including website, payment, inventory, and shipping management tools. It includes everything one needs to launch a digital asset and a virtual company. When you start selling virtually, you need to set up a storefront, display items, interact with consumers, process […]

What are Communication APIs, and Why are They Needed?

Communication APIs

Recently we have been hearing the term API too frequently, mostly when we talk about a company, its communication, and digitization. API is an abbreviation used for Application Programming Interface, defined as a set of definitions or protocols used for building and integrating software for digital service. Now that you know what APIs are, it […]