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Interactive customer engagement begins when the customer can know more about your business. Voice SMS services gives you an option to inform your customers about your business, products, services, offers through voice platform that can be customised totally depending on your needs.

Mtalkz’s offers a suite of intelligent and personalised voice services that helps you elevate your customer experience. Our voice messaging services include Outbound Dialing, Inbound Dialing, Number Masking, Missed Call, Voice SMS and IVR. Built to drive faster engagements, our voice services are backed by strong technology and infrastructure that are reliable and scalable for your growing needs.

Voice services have exponentially grown in popularity over the recent years. With help of Mtalkz, you can leverage speech recognition technology to enable users to interact with your brand seamlessly. We empower businesses with best-in-class voice services that are efficient, more ‘human-like’ and ‘personalized’ in nature than any other form of the user connection.

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Expand Your Brand Voice At Click Of A Button To Millions Of People With Our Voice Platform

Voice OTP

Ensure 100% OTP delivery by configuring Voice SMS as 2FA fallback mechanism, reducing failures and drop-offs.

IVR System

Ensure delivery of 99% of messages within 15 seconds and secure logins for your customer, websites and applications.

Inbound IVR Service


Missed Call Service

Outbound IVR Service


Number Masking

Advantages of Partnering with Mtalkz for Voice Services

Advisory services for
new businesses on how to get started

Special discounts for
Startups and Growth-driven businesses

Spotlight offers for unique and new use cases

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service proider in India


See your marketing campaigns scale with Voice and IVR System


Multilingual Content Support

Create voice solutions in multiple languages without any complexity and run your marketing campaigns for diversified customer base.

Efficient Workflows

Create efficient workflows with robust control that help to increase overall customer satisfaction and minimizes your operational costs.

Safe and Secure

Access our safe and secure services that integrate with your system with ease without creating any friction for your business.

Direct Operator Connections

Amazing traffic and route management with multiple channels for delivery of your messages.

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Smart APIs to manage inbound & bullk voice calls with end-to-end customer interactions and feedback.

Rethink Customer Experience

Extremely relevant for knowing your customers and improving your customer experience by giving them the flexibility and ease to connect with you.

Why Voice SMS & Call Are Important?

Send time-sensitive communications without missing an alert ever

Highly preferred channel to get in touch with customer support

Automate Customer Support API of WhatsApp

Automate your customer care & build interactive customer journeys

One of the top 3 communication channels used by all customers

Step into the exclusive circle of global business titans

Ravi Sharma


It’s been a great experience for me in terms of SMS delivery and seeing the analytics part of the campaign the best thing which I love is supporting to getting template approval.

Akshay Jain


Mtalkz is one of the best companies available in the market for DLT services. Process is smooth and hassle free

Siraj U.


Very approachable and always going the extra mile to help you in the best possible way. Would definitely recommend Mtalkz over the other options available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every company looks for an environment where they can grow and sustain while gauging their capability without losing their investment.

FLEXIBILITY: – In today’s world, everyone is busy and try to utilize their time in beneficial ways. Voice Broadcasting gives the flexibility to those people who prefer to read the messages than taking calls.

VERSATALITY: – It is quite beneficial when it comes to a large group or associations. Be it Schools, Universities, Teams, Government agencies, Healthcare, and Banking, it is becoming appropriate for all kind of trade houses.

PERSONAL TOUCH: – This service gives the privilege to the users to send the text messages in their own personalized way.

LEAD GENERATION: – It is very significant to connect with the target customers who could turn out to be a prospect lead for the business.

SURVEYS AND FEEDBACKS: – When it comes to raising funds, organizing conferences, and creating social awareness among the multitude, Voice Broadcasting service helps to improve the businesses and make it productive for the future aspect.

A bulk voice call is a form of communication where a recorded voice message is delivered to a large number of recipients simultaneously. The recipients receive the voice message on their landlines or mobile phones. This method is commonly used for marketing campaigns, political campaigns, notifications, alerts, and reminders. The goal of a bulk voice call is to reach a large audience in a short amount of time with a pre-recorded message.


Sending Voice text message is easy.  For sending peer to peer messages one can send using MMS or social applications like Whatsapp.   However, if you need to send Voice text messages in bulk or in an automated fashion you will need to take services from a SAAS provider like Mtalkz which provides Bulk Voice SMS service.

Sending bulk voice calls, also known as voice broadcasting, is a process where a pre-recorded voice message is sent to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

To send a bulk voice call, you will need a bulk voice call service provider such as Mtalkz. You can record your voice message and upload it to the service provider’s platform. Then, you can upload a list of recipient phone numbers and schedule the voice call. The service provider will then make the voice calls to the recipient’s numbers and play the pre-recorded voice message.