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Boost your marketing campaigns with our powerful Promotional SMS APIs. Engage your customers globally with targeted promotions and updates. Seamlessly integrate the API with your CRM to automate your promotional messaging efforts.

Promotional Bulk SMS has been around for more than a decade. It is still going strong and today businesses can connect with as many individuals as they want, wherever in the world, with bulk SMS marketing. As a result, Mtalkz places important marketing messages and notifications for the company in the hands of the customers.

Managing Technical Projects

Our sales representatives guide you through the setup and effective use of our Promotional SMS services. Leverage our robust integration capabilities and get extended support from our active developer community.

Direct Connection with Top Telcos

Maximize the reach of your Promotional SMS campaigns with multiple delivery channels such as Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, MTNL, Tata, Reliance, and Idea.


Achieve the fastest delivery for your Promotional SMS nationwide. Reach your audience instantly with timely promotions, ensuring your marketing messages are always delivered at the right moment.


Promotional SMS ensures that your marketing messages reach your customers whenever needed, keeping them informed and engaged with your latest offers and updates.

Simple Web-Panel to Use

Tailor your promotional messages easily on the move, without the hassle of uploading large files or managing Excel formatting.


Promotional SMS allows for the quick and efficient dissemination of marketing messages through automation. Reach your audience instantly, without the need for manual effort.

1000+ International Connections

Our Promotional SMS service delivers your marketing messages to over 225 countries in just a few seconds, maximizing your global reach instantly.

Customer Engagement

Promotional SMS is more than just marketing messages; it enables businesses to engage effectively with their customers, fostering strong and lasting relationships through targeted communication.

Embrace Powerful Digital Engagements

Talk to us and improve your marketing ROI by transforming your customer journeys

Promotional Bulk SMS – FAQs

Promotional Bulk SMS is a message which is sent by brands/enterprises to their prospects and customers in order to inform them about their present promotions, offers, discounts, updates for attracting them to their business. Such messages are aimed at improving sales, increasing customer engagement, customer retention and loyalty. Such campaign messages are delivered only on DND numbers and between 9am-9pm. Promotional messages have a random 6-character Sender ID determined by the telecom operator.

Use Mtalkz to send Promotional SMS for your large audience base or niche clientele. Our SMS APIs allow fast and rapid delivery of messages with unparalleled throughput and support. All you have to do is create a brief message, with clear CTA and offers, and define your target list. To make it even simpler, sign up on the Mtalkz Demo page, pick your pricing plan, upload your contact list and send promotional sms with a single click.  

Promotional SMS service is text messaging service received by people from different brands and businesses. The purpose of SMS service is to educate and inform people about their business and hence convert them into customers by offering promotions, offers, and any other significant value. 

Mtalkz is India’s #1 Promotional sms provider as it helps you go live instantly. With our round the clock operations, we are always there to support your promotional sms requirements. We have direct telco  connectivity PAN India, easy to use web panel and high throughput that makes your marketing campaign effective. We also deliver in more than 200 countries so that you don’t miss out your customers in part of the world. Moreover, we offer integrations with CRMs and ERPs like – Shopify,  Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, Zoho CRM, Webengage and LeadSquared. Our API’s are compatible with Clevertap, Moengage and many other marketing tools.