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How Mtalkz can help the E-Commerce Industry?

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Let your customers’ experience improved banking services with our APIs for SMS, WhatsApp, IVR, Email, Truecaller and social messaging.

Secure your customers transactions with two-factor authentication to confirm their identity, as well as to alert customers of suspicious activity on their accounts, helping to reduce fraud and protect customers from theft.

Provide quick access to information about account balance, previous transactions, loan approvals, credit card status, nearest branch, ATM locator, etc. with conversational Chatbot.

Leverage the power of WhatsApp to simplify your KYC process, and provide customers with a secure and convenient way to submit their information and documents. Streamline communication and reduce wait times for a seamless customer experience.

Promotional Messages

Customers can be regularly informed about new products, services, upcoming sales, discounts, etc.

bulk sms for eccomerce

Cart Reminders

E-Commerce businesses can remind customers about any products that are left in their carts.  


bulk sms for eccomerce

Order Tracking

Customers can track their orders using an order tracking number. This can be done using their registered WhatsApp number.

bulk sms for eccomerce

Marketing Automation

Another advantage of Mtalkz’s services for the E-commerce companies is that businesses can opt for Marketing Automation Services. This will help in reducing manual tasks and increasing the enterprise’s operational efficiency.

bulk sms for eccomerce

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How Mtalkz can help the E-Commerce Industry


Mtalkz provides comprehensive solutions for Bulk SMS, Google Verified SMS, promotional messages, transactional messages and OTP. You can use all of these services to improve your E-Commerce business model.

WhatsApp API

The WhatsApp Business API Services by Mtalkz helps E-Commerce companies quickly reach out to their customers by integrating their operations on this popular app.


Mtalkz’s Voice Messaging Services include Outbound Dialling, Inbound Dialling, Number Masking, Missed Call, Voice SMS and IVR. E-Commerce businesses can use intelligent and personalised voice services to broadcast messages to the masses.


You can market your brand and its products and services using Mtalkz’s Email Marketing services. E-Commerce businesses can create, send and manage Email delivery systems using Mtalkz’s innovative API and interface.

IVR Service

Conversational AI Chatbots

The usage of conversational AI-powered chatbots for your E-Commerce business would enable you to have regular and personalised conversations with your customers to enhance their engagement.

IVR System

Explore how an intelligent IVR system can empower your call centre agents to handle more calls efficiently and effectively, while increasing the satisfaction level of your customers.

Why Mtalkz?


Mtalkz offers a lot of scalability in its services. The services are quite flexible by nature and will easily adapt to the expansion of your E-Commerce enterprise. They are ideal for modern and competitive business environments.

Global Coverage

Another reason why opting for Mtalkz is a good choice for your E-Commerce business is that its global aggregator partnerships enable you to engage with customers all over the world.

High delivery rates

Mtalkz’s high throughput systems ensure speedy delivery rates. They can even prioritise the urgent and most critical traffic.

Ease of integration

Mtalkz’s services are quite user-friendly and can also be easily integrated into your E-Commerce business infrastructure. They can also be easily accessed once the integration is complete.

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Bulk SMS Service For Ecommerce Industry – FAQ

SMS notification helps E-commerce business in many ways.

  • Helps in keeping the audience engaged by sending regular purchase updates and or offers update
  • Secures user accounts by deploying OTP authentication
  • Helps E-commerce companies by targeting newer populations through promotional campaigns
  • Monitor user behaviour through their link responses and thereby enabling e-commerce companies in updating their processes for better efficiencies.
  • Since A2P SMS are considered a hygiene functionality, it helps the commerce companies in keeping a professional image with customers.

Yes, Bulk SMS has a very important role in improving E-commerce conversions. E.g.

  • Abandon cart notifications can be used for converting users with additional offers to complete the purchase.  This directly results in improving the top-line and bottom line for the e-commerce companies by getting additional sales
  • In active customers can be attracted to visit an purchase by sending them customised offers, these offers can be based on their profile, recent searches and buyer persona.
  • Partner offers or collaboration offers or bundling offers can also be shared with customers, this strategy is deployed with help of specialised softwares that can be combined with Bulk SMS API.

Bulk SMS Services is very good for e-commerce business considering the following benefits

  • Can be used for user authentication and login by following the correct methods of 2nd Factor authentication.  In addition the SMS OTP are easy to use for almost everyone.
  • Users can be notified of their purchases, abandon cart, payment failures, order confirmation, order dispatch and order arrivals.  All these notifications help e-commerce companies understand user availability and behaviour to design and upgrade their internal processes.
  • E-commerce companies can use bulk sms to engage and acquire new customers.  This can be done by combining SMS API with marketing automation softwares and sharing customised offers for active, inactive as well as prospective customers.

Yes, you can send promotional offers both via an API and via a web panel upload.  You can use multiple automation options including vernacular options.

Customer acquisition will continue to be a topic of interest for marketeers.  Bulk SMS plays an important role in customer acquisition not only for E-commerce but also for many other industries.

Like other channels of customer acquisition Bulk SMS has some unique features.

  • Campaigns can be done at a very high speed
  • Produces almost instant results including a trail response
  • Can target specific regions and demographics
  • Its simple to use, response can be tracked through tracer links
  • Has multi-lingual capability to reach out the users in their preferred language of communication.