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Security is a top priority when it comes to Safeguarding Your Data, and We are Best at it


The success of a modern organization requires an effective digital strategy that goes beyond online engagement and ensures seamless customer experience across all digital touchpoints. Even as the digital world becomes increasingly interconnected and streamlined, the need for personal data security and privacy remains as one of the top challenges for organizations today. 

At Mtalkz, we guarantee your data is safe. We take a number of measures to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure, and that only those you want to have access to it do.

Compliance Management

Our compliance management system tracks regulatory updates and tasks, provides internal and external audits, and track regulatory risk. Our internal set of principles and policies ensure privacy of customer’s data. We continuously monitor the compliance framework and regulatory changes to ensure we are providing the best service possible to our clients.

ISO 9001

We built the foundation of our security compliance framework around the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 standard, the most widely recognized international standard for information and asset security.

Application Security

We provide a secure software development lifecycle for every stage of development and delivery of the software. We build secure applications by following secure coding practices. We adopt secure coding standards. We provide secure coding guidelines and standards to developers. We provide secure application design and implementation.

Data Security

We maintain detailed audit trails and monitor all activities. Data backups are taken at regular intervals and these are kept in a remote data center. We also maintain compliance with all regulatory and industry standards. We have a very robust firewall policy that prevents unauthorized access to both our internal network and the Internet. Regular vulnerability scanning helps us to detect and address any security holes. 

We also conduct performance testing to ensure seamless experience and high availability of our solutions. To avoid operational risk and provide protection against malicious activities, we have implemented the right security controls across our solutions.

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