How to Send Email to Text

Send Email to SMS

In an era of so many messaging services and apps available to us online and on our mobile devices, sometimes we forget that SMS still exists. But if the businesses want to effectively engage their audience and obtain the outcomes they need, they should not forget the benefits of a  bulk SMS system that works […]

Is Email Marketing a Good Option for Customer Engagement?

email marketing for customers

Email marketing started as a one-way channel to reach the highest possible number of potential customers. Cut to today, where advancements in AI, audience segmentation, data collection and analysis make it simpler than ever for marketers to build a highly customised zone of email messages. Since B2B companies tend to have a large client base […]

Mtalkz Integrates with Shopify to Provide SMS Marketing Automation

Mtalkz integrates with Shopify to provide SMS marketing automation

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform enabling businesses to create a customized gateway to their business, including website, payment, inventory, and shipping management tools. It includes everything one needs to launch a digital asset and a virtual company. When you start selling virtually, you need to set up a storefront, display items, interact with consumers, process […]