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Grow your Bulk SMS Reseller business with full confidence


We Give You Bulk SMS RESELLER PROGRAM, Bulk Voice, Bulk Email and Social Media Marketing.  You take care of branding, customer support, and billing.


Whitelabel Bulk SMS Reseller
  • Get Started in a matter of minutes
  • Get a fully functional front end with your logo
  • Start small and scale your business
  • Get refunded any time for unused credits
SMPP Bulk SMS Reseller
  • Enjoy multiple routes and fast deliveries
  • 24×7 Support from our technical teams
  • Our SMS Gateway provides full redundancy, complete security, and guaranteed reliability
  • Manage your front end with our worldclass SMPP connects
Co-branded Bulk Reseller
  • Get all the benefits of Whitelabel or SMPP
  • Co-brand your business with mTalkz brand name
  • We will take care of billings for you and you will get your commissions
  • If you need we will also create your web presence and online sales channel


Is there any specific qualification required to become a Bulk SMS reseller?

To become an SMS RE-SELLER is not at all an arduous task to perform. One has to be well versed with basic computer knowledge and having a good audience data and reach. Yes, one has to invest a bit of money to get the business started to earn a satisfying amount of money. Selling bulk SMS at a higher price to the user and generating the profit out of it.

Do the SMS Re-seller and White label are different than others?

Yes. A re-seller sells the bulk SMS to their customer while using the service provider’s panel. However, the white label company run’s independent charge whatever you like to charge your customers and create your own added revenue for your company

Can I access from any part of India?

mtalkz gives the freedom to access from any corner. As long as you have Internet access, you will be able to send SMS from anywhere.