We’ve progressed beyond the days of simple question-and-answer drills and decision trees. Instead, Chatbots, voice assistants, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions have improved to include comprehensive Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that not only understands a user’s intent but also allows the chatbot to reply correctly to the user and according to a research, 40%  of people engage with bots daily.

Conversational AI Chatbot Services

Conversational AI chatbots are incredibly versatile and can be used in various customer support channels such as voice, email, chat, social media, and messaging. This motivates companies to expand their support to new and upcoming platforms to reach their consumers where they are. As a result, efficiently addressing expanding consumer needs modernises client-facing services and boosts corporate growth. 


Omnichannel Customer Experience

AI-enabled conversational chatbot helps agents communicate with consumers in real-time via websites, mobile apps, social networking sites, and corporate messaging systems. It allows consumers to contact you via their chosen messaging channels, resulting in a genuine omnichannel experience.

Lead Qualifications

A conversational chatbot allows you to qualify leads 24/7. They can help you boost your sales and manage time-consuming duties like making appointments, creating reminders, receiving confirmations, and even prospecting for new leads.

Businesses will be able to cope with more complicated activities, and live agents will be able to handle enquiries that require human attention by deploying chatbots in digital channels. This can be described as a company-wide endeavour to create marketing, commerce, and care experiences that assist customers in better fulfilling their expectations across their journeys and reduce the customer experience gap.

Companies of all sizes and sectors can profit from chatbots if implemented appropriately, regardless of the primary criteria used to calculate ROI. For example, a Conversational AI chatbot is used by businesses to manage staff and customer interactions by engaging with a large number of consumers.

A Conversational AI chatbot can recognise human communication and converse with people in real-time. With Mtalkz, you can create AI-powered chatbots that work alongside your human agents to reach customers, boost sales, and develop loyalty.

Businesses deploy Conversational AI-powered chatbots to manage employee and customer interactions. They offer services by being available round the clock and communicating with numerous customers. Conversational AI chatbots discern human communications and talk to them in real-time.

Each one-on-one conversation is motivated by former data and customer intention instead of pre-programmed algorithms. In addition, conversational AI applications can handle greater levels of complexity, making them apt for leveraging them as virtual intimate assistants. 

Develop AI-powered chatbots with Mtalkz that work along with your business’s live agents to generate leads, drive sales, and build loyalty. 

Conversational AI chatbots are amazingly adaptable and can be executed into various customer service channels, including voice, email, chat, social and messaging. This encourages businesses to scale support to the latest and emerging platforms to meet customers where they are.

As a result, it is transforming customer-facing functions and accelerating business growth by effectively meeting rising customer demands.

Advantages of Conversational AI Chatbots
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What is chatbot, levels and Variable?

An AI based computer program that simulates human conversations, either via voice or text communication.

Chatbot Levels- Messages that are sent & received are consider as chat levels. For example-
Someone has said “Hi” this will be considered as “Level 1” in return of hi message company has send “Greetings from xyz… How may I help you today” this message will be considered as “Level 2”.

Chatbot Variables- Options mentioned in message for selection, those options are consider as Variables. For Example- kindly select
a) visit website b) Customer Support c) feedback.
These option (a), option (b) and option (c) are the variables.

Where we can integrate chatbot, Multiple integrations ?

Chatbot can be integrated to multiple places like website, application, social media platforms, WhatsApp Business API etc.

What are the uses of the Chatbot ?

Chatbot can be used for many things:-

  • Customer Support
  • Document Collection
  • Feedback
Is there any One time Cost on Integration of Whatsapp API ?

No, there is no One Time Cost on any plan of Whatsapp Business API.

Can we send photos, videos, pdf, etc?

Yes, you can Send Rich Media content over the Whatsapp like Images, Videos, PDFs, gifs etc. which opens more ways to interact with your customers on Whatsapp and provide them a best User experience.