How to Use Truecaller Business for Enterprises

Truecaller Business for Enterprises

In this fastly growing digital world, every mobile phone user receives 20–30 messages every day, on an average,  from multiple unknown companies. Additionally, customers get at least 2-4 calls every day from companies they may consider spam. On receiving such calls, users are unsure of whether the businesses contacting them are sincere, relevant, or important […]

Truecaller – Demystifying the Facts for CPaaS

Truecaller – Demystifying the Facts for CPaaS

Truecaller is one of the top global platforms for authenticating contacts and preventing unwanted communication. With 300 Million monthly active users, Truecaller’s verified businesses offer cutting-edge messaging capabilities. Truecaller business messaging seeks to engage companies in connecting with their customers by providing them with relevant communications that feature rich media and interesting content. Unlike standard […]

7 Truecaller Business Features to Help you Grow your Business

Truecaller Business Features

Customer relationship management has become a business activity in the modern era that requires extra care. Businesses now find it intriguing to carry out their calling operations or reach out to their target customers. Every day, every mobile phone user receives 10-20 messages on an average from unknown businesses. Furthermore, users receive at least 2-4 […]

Chatbots in Healthcare: Improving the Patient Care

The healthcare industry is essential for survival. Millions of people are always looking for quick and easy access to health information facilities since pandemics became more prevalent. As an outcome, the businesses started investing into incredibly advanced and effective technology to keep up with demand. With healthcare chatbots, patients can get in touch with doctors […]

How Chatbots add value to Edutech Companies

Chatbot for education

During the pandemic and after the post-pandemic period, the education sector underwent significant changes. Today, it extends beyond the confines of conventional classrooms. Students use a variety of communication channels, so an education provider must be able to communicate with them and instruct them via those channels. Across all industries, technology is revolutionising business. This […]

How an eCommerce Chatbot Can Help Boost Your Sales?

E-commerce Chatbot

AI is the tech that we can’t ignore as it makes our life easier and businesses are aware that without AI they may not increase sales or customer base in the market. This is the prime example that ‘Modern technology rules the world’ and its influence is evident to people everywhere. The world has changed […]

Ways to Build User Journey Through Omnichannel Engagement

Omnichannel Engagement

The customer journey, buyer journey, or user journey illustrates a consumer’s interaction with a brand. An omnichannel customer engagement journey maps the major interactions the customers have with the business over a variety of channels and over the course of their lifetime. A user’s interactions with any company via a number of different channels, such […]

Chatbots for Stock Brokers – Is It a Reliable Option?

Increasing customer retention is one of the best business development techniques. The best part is that the groundwork for bringing in the clients has already been done. Businesses are aware of who their customers are and what they do, appreciate the worth of business goods or services, and recognise how that worth might advance their […]

Top 7 Benefits of Conversational AI in improving Customer Satisfaction

Benefits of Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more and more ingrained in the daily life of every individual. The primary point of interaction with our favourite companies, from streaming platforms to after-sales services, is handled in some way by AI. Users are now accustomed to technology’s immediacy and expect immediate resolutions. Because of this, incorporating Conversational AI […]

Introducing Truecaller: The New Powerhouse of Cloud Communications


Truecaller has been the primary go-to app for users who have wanted to identify callers and filter spam calls for quite some time now. However, with the advent of cloud communication services, it has also emerged as one of the most widely-used apps in this category. So what is it about Truecaller that makes it […]