Deliver Email Messages as SMS in Customer’s Inbox

Choose the flexibility to connect easily, quickly, and effectively with Mtalkz Email to SMS Service. 

Email to SMS Service
email to sms gateway

Best-in-class Email to SMS Gateway

Send your Email to SMS to any specific mobile number with ease and flexibility. Email to SMS software enables you to convert an email to a text message with no effort. Sending your emails as text messages ensures that they are seen instead of being lost in the inbox clutter. Email to text is ideal if you want to send SMSes from CRM systems, external software, using plugins but don’t have the time or workforce to set up an API integration. In addition, you can communicate with customers and co-workers by sending an email from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Send email to SMS apps to engage with consumers and employees through a medium with high open rates. With Mtalkz, you can send SMS through email to the entire organisation or a specific group of people. Additionally, we have the skills and expertise to send SMS messages online to your customers or employees, with free 24/7 assistance and a price match guarantee.

Integration with your Email helps you to communicate with your customers, employees, vendors, partners no matter where they are


Compatible with Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many more, Mtalkz’s email to SMS service allows you to send messages from any handset or device.

Easy Set up with Customisable Options


Recipient List

Stay connected with your team, members and customers. Our powerful and flexible communication option helps you to communicate with one-to-one or one-to-many on the go.

Sender Names

You can include your name and company name in this service by including ‘sender=SenderID’ in the subject line.

Set maximum
SMS length

The service can be prevented from being abused by restricting the number of messages to four text messages of up to four words.

Easy Tracking
and Monitoring

We provide you with access to your campaign’s status and its return on investment, which will aid you in properly planning your next campaign.

Leverage the Power of Conversations

Automate your most important communications and save time

At Mtalkz, we enable you to send email to SMS, a solution that you can count on. You can effortlessly contact customers with our email to text gateway no matter where they are. With guaranteed delivery and excellent open rates, you can rest assured that your message will reach your intended target. Integrate our powerful tool to automate your communication and send messages directly from your email client to multiple recipient
key features of email to sms

Why Email-to-SMS?


Send time-sensitive communications without missing an alert ever. 


Convenient for small businesses who are looking for easy option. 


99.5% uptime and high throughput for quick message delivery.


Reliable, safe and secure way of comminating with multiple stakeholders.

Embrace Powerful Digital Engagements

Talk to us and improve your marketing ROI by transforming your customer journeys

Send Email To SMS – FAQ

Yes, this is very much possible.  Our technocrats have integrated Email Servers with SMS Servers.  This enables users to type a message in their mail box and its delivered as SMS to the end user.

One will need to just configure the Email servers with our SMS servers through an easy configuration and after that Email content can be sent as SMS.

To send Email as SMS one needs to configure the Email Server along with Sms Server.  At we have an offering where this integration is already available.  Enterprises can integrate their existing domains or we can configure a new domain to send SMS.

This can be done via Email to SMS integration.

This means to have a facility to deliver an email written in a mailbox as an SMS to the end user.