How Chat Bots Are the Future of the Gaming Industry

chatbot for gaming

The multi-billion dollar business for internet gaming has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Considering how much time and money customers invest in online games, it’s not surprising that more and more market players are attempting to take advantage of this trend. Many of us have downloaded or played video games at some point in […]

Top 5 Sectors using Voice Recordings for Customer Campaigns

voice services

To convert prospects into customers, marketing teams employ a variety of strategies. Businesses succeed owing to every strategy’s persuasive, directness, and relationship-building. It eliminates any obstacles that could otherwise keep buyers from completing a purchase. It accomplishes this by cutting down on response times. The speed is critical, as according to a report 90% of […]

What is Transactional SMS and How Secure is it?

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Ghaziabad

Transactional SMS is an automated service offered by a business in response to a financial event or a customer-initiated transaction activity. 75% of customers prefer businesses to contact them via transactional SMS, whether it be for financial transactions, general monetary cautions or any other information. Transactional messaging in action can be seen quite well in […]

How to Integrate Bulk SMS API in Tally Accounting Software?

Bulk SMS API in Tally Accounting Software

New channels are constantly emerging, and existing ones continue to evolve. Today’s consumers expect businesses to keep them informed and give them access to products or services wherever and whenever they want. To meet these needs, enterprises are using many different mobile communication strategies to reach their customers.  As these businesses use several other softwares […]

Promotional SMS and its Roaring Demand

Promotional SMS

SMS marketing is used by businesses to inform, update, notify, acquire, engage and retain customers. In addition to this, businesses allow customers to transact with them through SMS and build relationships with them for a lifetime. A promotional bulk SMS messaging service allows businesses to take advantage of SMS marketing’s enormous potential. A promotional SMS […]

SMS Marketing for Real Estate

SMS Marketing for Real Estate

If businesses want to thrive in real estate, they must create strong relationships with sellers and buyers. They are frequently required to act as negotiators for their more demanding clients and as tour guides for those unfamiliar with the area. Most significantly, they are expected to be exceptional marketers. SMS marketing for real estate has […]

Transformation E-commerce Through AI

Transformation E-commerce Through AI

The first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions “artificial intelligence” is probably a sci-fi movie like Matrix. Many industries are influenced by the upcoming AI technology for creating more realistic online experiences.  E-commerce and online shopping are the industries where Artificial intelligence can help online merchants create an optimal customer experience. It can […]

How SMS is a Great Marketing Tool for Crypto Exchange Companies

SMS messaging

Communication between companies and customers grew more real-time and convenient with the introduction of SMS messaging. It enhances workflow and ensures that enterprises are always in touch with their audience and prospects. Considering all the known benefits of communication and 2-way messaging, crypto companies can also make use of SMS messaging for sending updates. Crypto […]

Increase Customer Loyalty with Conversational Messaging in 2022

Conversational Messaging

Gone are the days when customers had one-way interactions with enterprises. Back then, customers had to invest too much effort into obtaining solutions to issues, from filling out tedious forms to receiving responses from answering machines. On the other hand, businesses struggled to gain loyal, delighted customers who returned for more of their products or […]

Essential Tips on How SMS Marketing Helps in Customer Retention

bulk sms marketing

Businesses are exploring new innovative technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to demonstrate their products, attract new customers and increase sales. When it comes to traditional channels for messaging and informing customers, text messaging and email marketing are the most popular digital channels that have come a long way. SMS has been, […]