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Build Flexible IVR Inbound Services for your Customers to Improve your Brand Image and Time to Action

IVR inbound is a game-changer for small and medium sized businesses who want to offer appealing customer services at low costs

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Best Inbound IVR Services

An IVR service allows incoming callers to acquire information without the need to connect with a live agent. The pre-recorded menu guides the user to input his actions and get the desired information as output. They can use menu driven options with speech recognition or touch-tone keypad selections to guide their call to specific departments or specialists, if needed. 

A well-designed IVR inbound software improves operations and KPIs while also enhancing customer satisfaction. IVR services save businesses’ time and money by assisting, directing, and guiding customers without the use of human operators. Thus, allowing businesses to profit from IVR systems in multiple ways.

Building, Deploying, Scaling & Literating Modern IVR Inbound Service should be Simple

With the help of the voice inbound service of Mtalkz, you can greet your customers with a touch of personalisation. This action appears to be well-organised and professional, giving you more credibility with customers.

With an automated system, every incoming call gets answered even after the close of business hours. This communicates that your company can handle a diverse (and large volume) of consumer calls, without any delay.

Callers can instantly connect with the appropriate department/ agent using the IVR menu. It saves time for both customers and organisations, resulting in enhanced productivity of agents who can work on the specialised tasks. 

Voice inbound service maintains a call log consisting of number of missed, answered, and incoming calls for each agent and department.

IVR helps you to streamline your processes while your agents are busy. It is possible to configure controls to play hold music or product updates during peak call times. This makes your agent comfortable and also ensures that all the calls are answered in less than 1 min. You can also ensure that your most valuable customers are transferred to the most skilled agents through configurable routing.

You can ensure successful follow-ups on delayed customer calls with timely notifications resulting in enhanced customer service.

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 Mtalkz IVR APIs are ready to assist you in creating unique workflows, solutions and executing them instantly. In addition, you can further edit and update your IVR as needed after it’s established.

Why Do You Need IVR Inbound Services?

Allow AI, artificial menus, and voice recognition to help your business save money while offering a pleasing experience for callers.

Gather Data from

 Collecting information about the caller’s requirements is the first stage in routing a call to the appropriate agent. An IVR collects information about the caller, such as the product or service they require assistance with and the sort of assistance they require. Once this information is collected, the software routes the call to the appropriate agent based on the information provided.

Direct Calls to
Appropriate Agents

Once the caller’s information is collected, the IVR can direct them to the person or department best suited to their needs. This improves the efficiency of each contact by categorizing callers according to their needs and then routing the call to the right person. This cuts down on client’s waiting time and guarantees that they are redirected to the respective employee at the very first time.

Customer Support

 Users can use an IVR to resolve some issues without having to talk with a customer service agent. Answers to frequently asked questions can be pre-recorded, and the caller can browse to a solution. This allows clients to find rapid solutions, without requiring the assistance of an employee, further minimising the waiting time. IVR Inbound makes it simple to automate services like payments, tracking orders, and checking account status.

Why Voice Inbound?


30% People prefer voice as a more personalised channel for query resolution


50% Customers prefer easy of language options 


80% Customers prefer to avoid human interactions

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