SMS is an efficient and effective marketing channel. Businesses utilise bulk SMS marketing as a communication tool to inform customers about instances or notifications that are urgent, vital, or time-sensitive. Long-term customer relationships can be built through SMS marketing. With more than 1 billion mobile subscribers in India, the benefits of SMS marketing are obvious.

In this blog, we explain how to choose the best SMS marketing platform and make the most of SMS marketing opportunities. 

How to Choose the Best SMS Marketing Platforms

Choose the best service providers on basis of several factors as listed below- 

  • User Interface 

A user-friendly and appealing user interface makes the job easier for the administrator scheduling the campaign. Look for a provider, who gives you a neat and clean interface to launch your business interactions.  

  • Reliability

A trustworthy SMS service provider will guarantee a high uptime and scalability. How responsive an API is to the network can be determined by looking at its uptime. Choose your SMS marketing solution based on high resilience and TPS. 

  • Real-Time Reporting

In terms of delivery, SMS is fairly speedy and effective, requiring only a few seconds to reach a large audience. It’s uncommon to provide a personalised message to an audience that quickly and efficiently. You will be able to see who has got it right away, along with other analytical information, such as who has opened, read, and, most importantly, who has responded through Two-way messaging feature

  • Personalisation of Messaging Content

Building an effective SMS list of recipients to run your campaign is most crucial. Add the capability to personalise your message for each sender to bring individualised attention and higher open and read rate.  Adding personalization to messages makes customers feel valued and cared for. 

  • Multilanguage Uploads

A good SMS service provider’s platform must support a variety of languages. Choose a provider that can help you send SMS in customer’s preferred language and overcome linguistic barriers.

  • HTTPs Encryption

You can relax knowing that the messages you transmit to your clients are secure since APIs are secure gateways. To provide their customers with the best security and protection available, the majority of APIs are encrypted.

Integrations to Streamline Your Business

To complement marketing automation, companies prefer plug-and-play models. Few companies like Mtalkz offer easy and quick integration with top CRMs, e-commerce platforms, marketing automation platforms, and plugins for marketing. We make integration possible through our communication APIs, so you won’t have to worry about getting started, and we can give your consumers a seamless experience. Discover how our integration partners can help you take advantage of the growing digital prospects. Some of our integration partners include: 

  • Shopify
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Zapier
  • WordPress
  • Magneto
  • WooCommerce
  • Leadsquared
  • Clevertap

Effective Pricing Model

In order to cut costs and grow as needed, find a provider who will bill you for the services that you actually utilise. Make sure the SMS service provider uses a pay-as-you-go business model. Check to see if there are any API restrictions or hidden fees that could increase your overall cost either directly or indirectly. We are aware that there are many factors to take into account when selecting an SMS provider, but since Mtalkz offers the best and most affordable pricing plan, you can relax and communicate with your consumers without interruption.

Mtalkz: The Effective SMS Marketing Platform Provider 

If you are looking for a business partner with all the above mentioned features, Mtalkz is here for you to get started for FREE. Make the most of our Bulk SMS offers and increase your sales with very little effort. Mtalkz provides APIs, HTTPS, encryption, and Webhooks in addition to real-time support available round-the-clock. Contact Mtalkz, the best cloud communication platform, right away to begin.