Business Whatsapp API Plans

Half Yearly

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  • Template Message ₹ 0.44/- (Min. Buy 10k Msgs)
  • 8 K/M Free Customer Support Messages
  • Session Message ₹ 0.15/- (Applicable after 8K/M support messages are consumed)
  • Free Incoming Messages
  • Unlimited Templates approval
  • Real Time Reports
  • APIs, HTTPS, encryption and Webhooks
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No Monthly Rental


  • Template Message ₹ 0.50/- (Min. Buy 50k Msgs)
  • Free Incoming Messages
  • Session Message ₹ 0.10/- 
  • Unlimited Templates approval
  • Real Time Reports
  • APIs, HTTPS, encryption and Webhooks
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per month

  • Template Message ₹ 0.42/- (Min. Buy 10k Msgs)
  • 10 K/M Free Customer Support Messages
  • Session Message ₹ 0.12/- (Applicable after 10K/M support messages are consumed)
  • Free Incoming Messages
  • Unlimited Templates approval
  • Real Time Reports
  • APIs, HTTPS, encryption and Webhooks
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Send real-time alerts and notifications while offering always-on support through a chatbot or live agent


Whatsapp Chatbot is an automated software platform powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI) and runs on Whatsapp. Customers communicate with the businesses via Whatsapp chatbots through the chat interface. It allows businesses to automate their sales and customer experience on Whatsapp business accounts. The communication with the customers could be in the form of text messages or voicemail.

We at mTalkz offer businesses with Whatsapp chatbot and help them reach over 1.5 billion users on Whatsapp using the simple REST API. With our well-developed chatbots, the users can automate and have manual interactions with their customers via smart messaging API for Whatsapp business.

Whatsapp automation with a well functioning WhatsApp chatbot:

  • Will assist the customers even during non-working hours.
  • It helps to save the cost of hiring multiple agents and even allow them to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Unlike humans, Whatsapp chatbots can handle multiple chats at a single time.
  • It is fast and highly efficient.

A well designed WhatsApp chatbot can be highly advantageous to your business. It helps to offer your customers complete peace of mind. Your customers need not wait for long hours to get their questions answered. The customers can get answers to their queries or get their issues resolved instantly with the chatbots. With the Whatsapp chatbot, your business will be more efficient, interactive and you can have a good brand image for your business. With a perfectly designed and structured chatbot, you can build a complete experience that your customer wants.

You can start your Whatsapp chatbot with mTalkz through the following three easy steps:

  • Register your profile while purchasing the API package.
  • The profile will be approved in at least 14 business days.
  • After the approval of your profile, you can start sending messages to your customers.

Make your life simple and enhance the growth of your business via mTalkz. We ensure to increase the lead of your business via our best platform. So visit our website today to avail the best services at the lowest price possible! 

Give your customer a complete peace of mind

Easy As 1-2-3

* If your profile is rejected for some reason, the package price will be refunded back to you.


Doxper offers comprehensive recording of medical prescriptions with zero behavioural change, as well as interactions between a clinician and a patient.We were having an urgent need for a WhatsApp Business API account and then we found mTalkz. Not only they helped us to get our WhatsApp Business API account in just 3 weeks but the kind of support they have extended right from the initial documentation to integration to launch is quite appreciable. Thank you so much for lightning fast services.

MTalkz has been the vendor for integrating WhatsApp services for our Product Pooraa. Thanks to their continuous and prompt support, we have been able to implement one of the most comprehensive interactive WhatsApp platforms in India. I personally thank Prakash and Shivanshu for their support and would recommend MTalkz.

Make your life Simple

Bring Mtalkz API’s to your business


How to create a whatsapp chatbot?

To create a Whatsapp Chatbot you have to get a API from Whatsapp :

1. Apply for Whatsapp Business API.
2. Think about the dialogue, conversation and create the Chat flow.
3. Use a chatbot creator and a host in a database.
4. Test Your chatbot for whatsapp
5. Install the API chatbot on number.

What are the best WhatsApp Chatbot tools to use?

There are lot of Chatbot providers in the market but mTalkz has best and easy Chatbot provider. They have great support who can also help you to integrate the Chatbot for your Company.

Few Chatbot Providers available in the Market : 

1. Agentbot
2. Gupshup
3. mTalkz (Twixor)

Can we create a chatbot on WhatsApp?

No, you can’t create Chatbot on whatsapp. You create chatbots on different and then integrate that chatbot flow with Whatsapp API.

What is the best chatbot for WhatsApp?

mtalkz provides the Best chabot for Whatsapp and also Push Notification service.

How do I use a chatbot on WhatsApp?

Chatbot is automated messages, so when you create the workflow, it communicate with customer, it’s just like they would converse with another person. Whatsapp Chatbots interpret and process user’s words or phrases and give an instant pre-set answer.

How to integrate chatbot with whatsapp?

To integrate chatbot with whatsapp you need to publish some incoming API for accepting user responses and based on that sending API will send the messages.