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Boost your business with whatsapp chatbot

WhatsApp Chatbot Integration Services

The age of hyper-connectivity is causing a major transformation in communication, creating newer ways to understand consumer behaviours and interests. Chatbots offers the greatest opportunity to create interactive and spontaneous engagements with your customers. Mtalkz Chatbot capabilities include one-of-a-kind SAAS based bots that can be integrated within any of your messaging channel – sms, voice, email and WhatsApp. Our multifunctional bot effortlessly connects with your customers in language of their choice and provides great degree of support to sales, marketing, and customer care departments. 

Hundreds of companies are expanding their support to new and upcoming platforms to reach their consumers where they are. Chatbots are the perfect tool to address growing needs of modern consumers and client-facing businesses.


Get instantly started! Let Mtalkz set the complete process for you in a snap without you to code or build anything. We ensure you have full control over your stored data that streamlines bot’s performance.

Conversational Chatbot helps agents communicate with consumers in real-time via websites, mobile apps, social networking sites, and corporate messaging systems. It allows consumers to contact you via their chosen messaging channels, resulting in a genuine omnichannel experience.

Intelligently coded bots are active even during the non-business hours. There always-on availability to clients allows them to manage queries, book appointments, set reminders, and reduce similar time-consuming tasks. This also helps to boost sales and even prospecting for new leads.

Features of whatsapp chatbot

Get WhatsApp Chatbot Integration For Your Business

Develop WhatsApp chatbots with Mtalkz that work along with your business’s live agents to generate leads, drive sales, and build loyalty.

Improved First Impressions

Whatsapp Chatbot guarantees that conversations have a positive impact. In addition, these bots are adept at cultivating client connections and making a positive first impression on potential consumers.


Routine contacts are automated to save acquisition and retention expenses while providing a pleasant client experience.

Accelerate Conversions

Bots are bound to boost revenues while sending quality leads to your active agents. Sales agents can then concentrate on forming relationships through hyper-personalised dialogues.


Companies can boost customer satisfaction by offering faster, accurate and reliable responses to client inquiries. This allows companies to earn customer trust and increase credibility.

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Why Chatbot?


Send time-sensitive communications without missing an alert ever. 


Convenient for small businesses who are looking for easy option. 


99.5% uptime and high throughput for quick message delivery.


Reliable, safe and secure way of communicating with multiple stakeholders.

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WhatsApp Chatbot – FAQ

To create a Whatsapp Chatbot you have to get a API from Whatsapp :

1. Apply for Whatsapp Business API.
2. Think about the dialogue, conversation and create the Chat flow.
3. Use a chatbot creator and a host in a database.
4. Test Your chatbot for whatsapp
5. Install the API chatbot on number.


There are lot of Chatbot providers in the market but Mtalkz has best and easy Chatbot provider. They have great support who can also help you to integrate the Chatbot for your Company.

Few Chatbot Providers available in the Market :

1. Agentbot
2. Gupshup
3. Mtalkz (Twixor)
4. Morph.ai

No, you can’t create Chatbot on WhatsApp. You create chatbots on different and then integrate that chatbot flow with WhatsApp API.

Mtalkz provides the Best chatbot for WhatsApp and also Push Notification service.


Chatbot is automated messages, so when you create the workflow, it communicate with customer, it’s just like they would converse with another person. WhatsApp bots interpret and process user’s words or phrases and give an instant pre-set answer.


To integrate chatbot with WhatsApp you need to publish some incoming API for accepting user responses and based on that sending API will send the messages.