The Past, Present and Future of CPaaS

Future of CPaaS

According to 85% of top-performing firms, APIs are a smart approach to building your business. Over the last ten years, multichannel software (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) have become the real solution. These tools simplify businesses to create features that allow them to safely and reliably engage with customers, accelerating innovation in a […]

WhatsApp Chatbots For the Logistics Industry

WhatsApp Chatbots For the Logistics

2022 is the year in which many existing challenges and opportunities will be magnified and accelerated. Sustainability, technology, automation, e-commerce, and changing consumer demand should be of key importance. Logistics has been the backbone of many industries, and over the years, it has enriched its technology-based offerings to suit diverse sectors and their needs. With […]

5 Popular ways to Improve Customer Experience in Retail with WhatsApp API

Customer Experience in Retail with WhatsApp API

WhatsApp has grown to be one of the most powerful digital communication platforms on the planet, with over 1.5 billion users globally. The average user checks the messaging app more than twenty-three times a day. Until recently, customer-centric businesses were unable to access the WhatsApp API. Due to the growth of the WhatsApp Business application […]

Chatbots in Banking Industry: Benefits & Future Use Cases

chatbot in banking

Digital transformation is empowering the banking industry to improve its customer interactions. As new and innovative services continue to influence the market, AI-based chatbots have drawn the attention of their users. However, even though there are digital or app-based banking options, tech-savvy customers want more – a seamless banking experience on a daily basis. This […]

4 CPaaS Trends That Will Shape Customer Communication In 2022

CPaaS Trends

The pandemic situation caused many businesses to enhance their capacity to use multiple digital channels to accommodate new customer engagements, such as contactless pickup, medical checks before entering the premises, and telehealth visits. These were created to reduce face-to-face contact between firms and consumers across various industry verticals while also establishing new procedures and protocols. […]

Ways to Build A Perfect WhatsApp E-commerce in 2022

WhatsApp Ecommerce in 2022

Ecommerce in 2022 is poised to break all boundaries in terms of user base and service availability. With more and more customers using e-commerce services, customer support expectations are the top priority. Among the group of experienced and new consumers, everyone requires some form of support, i.e. either enquiry or post-purchase support. Many businesses use […]

WhatsApp brings its Business API to the cloud to speed adoption

WhatsApp Business API is a first-party solution launched by Whatsapp to establish business and customer connections for business-related communication. This step from Whatsapp has proven to be well received by the masses and is used by many small businesses. This is a great solution for people who don’t want to invest a lot of money […]