Ways to Enhance Customer Experience with IVR

Ways to enhance customer experience with IVR

Over the last few years, the connections between brands and consumers have grown stronger. Technological advancements and increased consumer awareness have made brands reachable 24×7.  Providing outstanding customer service can give a business a considerable competitive advantage. However, given the continuously shifting business environment and consumer expectations, maintaining customer experience is not easy.. The first […]

Why do people prefer Voice OTPs over SMS OTP

Why do people prefer Voice OTPs over SMS OTP

If the transaction verification process doesn’t include the Voice OTP Service, then businesses are doing it all wrong. By utilising OTP SMS service and Voice OTP together, businesses can increase their OTP delivery rate to an astounding 99%. To increase delivery rates, voice OTP service has already been included in nearly all banking and financial […]

Voice Services: Why you should use it & how effective it is for a business!

Voice SMS Services

Over time, business communication has evolved and transformed. Processes in modern company communication have been streamlined, which helps create positive client experiences. By offering a simple means for everyone to get in touch with a business, CPaaS services such as Voice have always been crucial in improving communication and business connections. Also, a rapidly increasing […]

Top 5 Sectors using Voice Recordings for Customer Campaigns

voice services

To convert prospects into customers, marketing teams employ a variety of strategies. Businesses succeed owing to every strategy’s persuasive, directness, and relationship-building. It eliminates any obstacles that could otherwise keep buyers from completing a purchase. It accomplishes this by cutting down on response times. The speed is critical, as according to a report 90% of […]

Missed Call Opportunities for D2C Businesses

Missed Call Opportunities for D2C Businesses

The growth of a business directly depends on the kind of customer service it provides. To maintain a good relationship with the customer, generating leads that can eventually create a loyal customer base is vital. While businesses and marketers may rely on conventional forms of advertising to boost their lead counts, it always makes sense […]

Top 3 Reasons to Use IVR Based Services to Connect with Customers

Use IVR Based Services to Connect with Customers

Who wouldn’t want to leave a great impression on clients? Sure, everyone does, and IVR provides the appropriate response. Customers can call at any time, and your IVR system will always attend since it is accessible 24/7. Even if your offices are closed, anyone who needs information will get it immediately! IVR Services are used […]

Number Masking – A Perfect Tool for Online Marketplaces

How Does Number Masking Work

Privacy is an asset in our hyper-connected world today. Wherever people go, whatever they do, they use their phone number to register for purchasing or inquiring about services. Individuals’ phone number is personal data that they only want to share with brands they trust.  A phone number is personal as well as sensitive information to […]