SMS vs WhatsApp: Which Channel is Better?

SMS vs WhatsApp

A world where customers can make purchases through a variety of channels has made mobile touchpoints a crucial distinction. Businesses are now spending an increasing amount of money on mobile channels to interact with their end customers at key moments during the buying lifecycle. It can be difficult to decide which mobile communication channel to […]

How Mtalkz’s WhatsApp APIs can Empower D2C and Omnichannel Retail

WhatsApp APIs can Empower D2C

The Indian E-commerce market is anticipated to grow by 21.5% in 2022 and reach US$ 74.8 billion. E-commerce has revolutionised how businesses operate in India. Global E-commerce is becoming more multilateral. Businesses need to find and access growing markets with the right potential as consumer spending power rises and digital infrastructure becomes more advanced on […]

How Chatbots add value to Edutech Companies

Chatbot for education

During the pandemic and after the post-pandemic period, the education sector underwent significant changes. Today, it extends beyond the confines of conventional classrooms. Students use a variety of communication channels, so an education provider must be able to communicate with them and instruct them via those channels. Across all industries, technology is revolutionising business. This […]

WhatsApp Vs Telegram: What Works Best For Your Business?

WhatsApp Vs Telegram

Now that instant messaging apps are a standard in both personal and professional lives, businesses are encashing them to improve customer engagement. Using these messaging apps,  businesses can connect with customers instantly just by texting them at a very low cost and with great efficiency. In addition, businesses can send messages to anyone, anywhere round […]

How D2C & Retail Industry can Retarget their Customers using WhatsApp Notifications

Retarget their Customers using WhatsApp Notifications

Over the last decade, the growing digital revolution and new-age technologies have significantly altered established business strategies. As an outcome, companies find it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves purely based on pricing or products in today’s constantly changing business environment. Instead, modern businesses must delve deeper and look for new ways to improve their customer […]

3 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction with WhatsApp Chatbot

Customer Satisfaction with WhatsApp Chatbot

An impeccable customer experience is essential for any company’s long term success. For generations, the motto “Customer is king” has been a key phrase for all employees and employers in businesses and services. The mantra for boosting sales and client loyalty is to refine the customer experience. Customers have a plethora of service alternatives at […]

WhatsApp Chatbots For the Logistics Industry

WhatsApp Chatbots For the Logistics

2022 is the year in which many existing challenges and opportunities will be magnified and accelerated. Sustainability, technology, automation, e-commerce, and changing consumer demand should be of key importance. Logistics has been the backbone of many industries, and over the years, it has enriched its technology-based offerings to suit diverse sectors and their needs. With […]

Why You Should Use WhatsApp for External Digital Communication?

WhatsApp for External Digital Communication

Enterprises need a fail-proof communication strategy to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive, ever-evolving business landscape. Since the customers are now more aware than ever before, firms and their users must exist in a close-knit, digitally-connected world. Thus, the right means to achieve effective external communication plays an indispensable role in reaching out to your target audience […]

5 Popular ways to Improve Customer Experience in Retail with WhatsApp API

Customer Experience in Retail with WhatsApp API

WhatsApp has grown to be one of the most powerful digital communication platforms on the planet, with over 1.5 billion users globally. The average user checks the messaging app more than twenty-three times a day. Until recently, customer-centric businesses were unable to access the WhatsApp API. Due to the growth of the WhatsApp Business application […]

Chatbots in Banking Industry: Benefits & Future Use Cases

chatbot in banking

Digital transformation is empowering the banking industry to improve its customer interactions. As new and innovative services continue to influence the market, AI-based chatbots have drawn the attention of their users. However, even though there are digital or app-based banking options, tech-savvy customers want more – a seamless banking experience on a daily basis. This […]