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ivr outbound
ivr outbound

Best Outbound IVR Services

A Voice outbound service or an IVR outbound service is popularly used to contact a large audience by sending a pre-recorded voice message. This is useful in conducting a survey or feedback collection using a phone system. The customers who get the message may either enter their message on their dial pad or just say out their thoughts which get recorded by the system. These voice answers can then be recorded as a text via speech-to-text technology.

IVR outbound survey calls can also be customised. For instance, you can address your consumers by name and further customise the message that offers more personalised touch in the conversation using text-to-speech technology.

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Automated List Management

Voice outbound can run your promotional campaigns in a seamless way. The solution picks the list of audience from the suitable database and executes the campaign, saving a lot of time and manual effort to call every customer to promote an offer. 

at Scale

Businesses can send payment reminders to customers through IVR outbound. One can even use IVR to send password alerts, bill reminders, warning alerts, different payment choices  as well as trigger voice OTP for enabling transactions.


Voice OBD can be used to send notifications, alert and updates to individuals or a large group of consumers. 


Vernacular messaging can help you reach a broader set of users across different geographies and boundaries. Increase customer delight by providing real-time alert notifications in language of their choice.  

Enhance Agent

While multi-level IVR can handle the routine information, agents can be delegated to more specific tasks such as lead prospecting and lead nurturing for higher business growth.

Leverage the Power of Conversations

Benefits of Using an IVR Outbound Service

Voice Outbound Service is an effective way to reach out to customers. Outbound IVR allows you to evaluate the efficacy of your marketing activities. Tap the engagement rate, make your assessments, and get help in improving your next campaign using business intelligence. 

ivr outbound services

Why IVR Outbound?


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