Are you also suffering huge losses due to a lack of security against social engineering activities? Is it a pain point for your businesses to find a service provider that offers the finest security?

53% of individuals say they have no idea how to protect themselves against cybercrime.

You must know that your customers are always looking to safeguard themselves. There are many solutions to mitigate this problem, and one of them is employing OTP as a security measure that allows your customers additional control over the activities associated with their accounts and profiles. 

A voice OTP service can give your users an extra degree of protection. This solution will not only reduce data security and phishing attempts, but it is also quick and dependable.

In this article, you can find how your business can benefit from opting voice OTP verification process. 

What is Voice OTP?

It is a two-factor authentication function that creates an OTP and uses text-to-speech technology to turn it into an audio message. It is employed to confirm consumer interactions with a company’s digital portals safely. It gets delivered via an automated call.

How Do Voice OTP Services Work?

A GSM call gets placed to the user’s phone number for voice OTP verification. The user inputs the 6-digit OTP in the application interface to authenticate a transaction or log in after picking up the phone to hear it played over the call.

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How Are Voice OTP Services Better Than Text OTP Services?

  • 99% Delivery Rate

A failed transaction or verification will cost the company a thousand times more than an SMS would cost. Businesses can increase their delivery rates to 99% by employing voice OTP.

  • Affordable

Both voice OTP services and SMS OTP services are equally affordable hence, a strategy that employs both simultaneously would reap a lot of benefits for your business. 

  • Time Sensitive

Similar to the regular SMS OTP authentication capabilities, voice-based OTP serves as a two-factor authentication technique. It is an efficient and trustworthy notification system that ensures messages are delivered promptly and securely to customers’ mobile phones.

  • Reliable 

There are more than 1 reason for of SMS transmission delays, including lack of location coverage and heavy network usage. Utilising voice technology for phone verification, voice OTP 2FA verification is incredibly speedy and trustworthy.

Use Of Voice OTP Services For Business:


When deactivating, reactivating, or canceling your account, employ voice OTP verification to ensure the security of your customer information. Employ the premium voice OTP service at this time. 


With their verified approval, reactivate the customer account. To obtain authorization, use the OTP verification code.


Your e-commerce website and software may get an additional layer of protection without becoming more confusing for consumers. It requires voice call registration authentication and OTP validation.

Password Resets

Use the OTP service to validate users before changing your password rather than emailing links or verification codes.


During a financial transaction, safeguard your consumer by using voice OTP authentication with a registered number.

Features Of Voice OTP Services For Business:

  • Operational Proficiency

Send as many voice OTPs simultaneously with the assistance of the voice OTP service to avoid making your clients wait. 

  • Voice Failover

Security might be a crucial component of any service, and voice OTP can help increase 2FA security. You may use it to place phone calls and forward OTPs.

  • Quick Verify

Voice OTPs allow instant verification of any transaction or session. Voice OTP call only takes a few seconds to complete. You need not wait for SMS messages for instant verification.

  • Simple Integrations

By integrating one API, multifunctionality can be offered. Verify voice OTPs using a reliable single API.

  • Custom Voice Template

Set up your voice Dashboard audio for OTP calls. Playing a brand trademark can help make an impression.

The Operation of Voice OTP Services:

  • Request

A voice OTP request can be made from either the system end or the user end. Similar to creating an account, a system can automatically deliver a voice OTP to the user for verification or at the user’s express request.

  • Generate

When the request is received, the API generates a random OTP. To voice-encode the OTP password, API employs Text-to-Speech. Once it is complete, API integrates it with the IVR system.

  • Call

The system will now place the first call. The user must pick up the phone and listen carefully when the IVR delivers the OTP. The OTP must be entered in the appropriate field before it expires or is verified.


Voice OTP verification is an alternate verification option that is simple to incorporate into your current user verification procedure. When employed appropriately, it may lower the failure rate of phone number verification and is a more affordable alternative to SMS OTP for phone verification.

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