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Voice OTP Services

Two-factor authentication is an essential part of safeguarding customer’s digital privacy. But sometimes at some places, SMS-based two-factor authentication may not work. That doesn’t mean you cannot deliver your sms there, luckily, there are affordable and secure alternatives. Voice 2FA can be used to accomplish the delivery of critical OTP messages to customers who are not able to get the SMS OTP message. This fall-back mechanism is used for user identification and verification.

Businesses often use a combination of security measures based on customer behavior, location, requirements and their own capabilities. 

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Key Benefits

Let the customers choose from SMS or voice option on website, ads or other touch points.

Protect user identity and privacy by enabling voice sms ensuring higher success rate.

Ensure 100% OTP delivery and reduce failures and drop-offs.

Expect complete authenticity by fake user filtration using Voice OTP services.

Convert Text to Speech on the go and send your Voice SMS Campaign. Send real time notification through Voice API service.

Leverage the Power of Conversations

Why Voice SMS?

Cost-effective service

Pay as you go options.

Speed and accuracy

Get the OTP delivered in less than 10 seconds.

Secure and Private

Most secure, private and quick way of confirming and updating your users’ mobile phone numbers.

100% guaranteed delivery

Send time-critical information on consumer’s mobile; like one time passwords, utility passwords, transactions alerts, employee activity alerts, etc.

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