If the transaction verification process doesn’t include the Voice OTP Service, then businesses are doing it all wrong. By utilising OTP SMS service and Voice OTP together, businesses can increase their OTP delivery rate to an astounding 99%. To increase delivery rates, voice OTP service has already been included in nearly all banking and financial applications. They are aware that a failed transaction can result in a disappointed customer which can cost much more than the price for a voice OTP.

Since there are no dependencies for OTP to be disseminated through a GSM connection, any OTP can be delivered on  a landline, smartphone, or feature phone device.

This blog explains the idea of why people prefer voice OTPs over OTP SMS service.

What is SMS OTP?

A SMS OTP is a One Time Password message which is received by customers in response to their activation of a transaction. An OTP is a temporary authentication code which is automatically generated by a system and sent to users whenever they log into an app or conduct an online transaction. Users won’t be permitted to log in or conduct transactions unless they input the proper OTP within the defined time period. OTP is an authentication process that curbs fraudulent transactions,  unauthorised use and card frauds. 

What is Voice OTP?

Businesses can authenticate using the OTP sent through a phone call to the registered phone number with the help of voice OTP option. Within a short time, users can use this OTP for authentication. The specified OTP is compared to the OTP produced on the server whenever people attempt to authenticate on any device. Businesses are properly authenticated if the two OTPs match.

Why Voice OTP verification is the Ultimate Solution for Businesses 

Businesses contact a user’s mobile phone and play a series of digits to verify the user using the Voice OTP service. The 2FA service is designed on a top-notch voice platform that offers dependable speech delivery globally.

  • Pushes OTP Delivery Rates up to 99%

A failed transaction or verification will cost the company a thousand times more than an SMS would actually cost. Businesses can boost their delivery rates to 99% by combining voice OTP with OTP SMS service.

  • Affordability

It is a wise decision to use both forms of authentication systems when you can acquire voice OTP service for less money than SMS OTP. Businesses should pay for the resources they use and practise resource conservation. Mtalkz’s Voice OTP Services help businesses expand as they are affordable and efficient.

  • Operational Proficiency

Thousands of voice OTP calls can be sent by businesses concurrently with other operations. Mtalkz’s cloud-based Voice OTP authentication services streamline the entire OTP SMS service procedure. It manages all of them!

  • Global Coverage

With the finest delivery rates and speed, Mtalkz’s software sends 2FA OTPs to a wide network all over the world. When identification and verification are made properly, businesses can grow and expand.

  • Increases Business Engagement Level

A great customer experience is made possible through voice-calling capabilities. Some of these platforms go so far as to offer local languages. As a result, all clients can communicate with the company in the language of their choice. A method like this promises greater customer delight while also considerably raising business engagement levels.

  • Easy to Scale

Voice API systems provide connections between your company and international carrier networks. For businesses that cater to clients or customers abroad, this is a big assistance. With the aid of these platforms, they can quickly increase the scope of their communication plan.

  • Time Sensitive Voice OTPs

Voice-based OTP functions as a two-factor authentication mechanism in a manner similar to the standard SMS OTP authentication capability. It is a quick and reliable notification system that guarantees that the messages are sent safely and on time to the consumers’ mobile phones. Usually, it is employed for alarms and utility passwords.

Switch to Voice OTP with Mtalkz today!

The use of voice and SMS channels for 2FA implementation requires a reliable communication platform. Robust network architecture is used by the cloud communication platform, Mtalkz, to guarantee dependable delivery. If businesses wish to expand, scale and grow, then Mtalkz is the service provider they need.