Can you believe that SMS and SMS API’s are used by different sized companies for around 27 years to interact with targeted customers? It’s because of the advantages of SMS marketing over any other kind of marketing. The biggest reason for this popularity is that SMS is very affordable and provides a great investment return. Moreover, around 5.1 billion people are using mobile phones, making SMS marketing a more reliable and widely used source of communication. Approximately 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

An SMS API  is an Application Programming Interface that connects your application with telecommunication networks. It is used to easily send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks. SMS API Integration saves your time from manually logging in to an application or platform to send SMS messages. These are secure, reliable, and flexible means of communication that enable the business to run more efficiently and provide customers with notification 24/7.

SMS API Integration helps the business in the following ways:

Automation for Better Efficiency

Using API’s help to make workflow faster and more productive. It helps to send and receive messages quickly. Using SMS API helps to free the staff so that they can focus on more critical tasks rather than keeping track of whom the message has been transferred or not.

Greater Visibility and Tracking

API helps to track the message with delivery receipts that show the exact time at which messages have been sent to the customers. Through this, it becomes effortless to track message response as well.

Flexibility with more Features

An API incorporates the features of the providers SMS gateway into your system. Even API’s evolve over time with more features and functionality that the businesses can take advantage of to work more efficiently.

Fast, Reliable and Secure Delivery

API offers direct access to SMS gateway, which helps to ensure access to speed and reliability. Thousands of messages can be delivered in just one second with only one click on the button. API provides a secure connection and a safe delivery.

Integration with other systems

The API helps to manage messaging from one interface. SMS API for Developers makes it easier and is a more direct channel for communication.

Integrating an API is extremely simple. Whenever you send an SMS, an automatic request is sent to API. The SMS API Provider will then take the request and translate the message into the protocol that the mobile network can understand and send to the operator. The mobile network operator will then respond with the updates like delivery status or any issue in delivering. The SMS API provider will then translate the message update into a readable message and send it back to your application.

To add more automation to your day-to-day task, it would be advisable to select a trustworthy SMS API provider that can manage your communication task. Mtalkz is one of the best API service providers, which provides API for every application. They offer a huge platform to the businesses to stay in touch with their customers and thus maximise the business’s reach in the global competitive market. They take it as their responsibility to increase the awareness about the company and guarantee to increase their leads. Mtalkz provides a robust Bulk SMS API for all programming languages and automation software. Various big companies like Zee group, Max Healthcare, Indian oil etc., take their services to expand their business in the marketplace. They take up less time to reach out to the targeted customers through their fast services than any other API service providers. Moreover, they have international connections as well and deliver SMS all over the world. mTalkz makes sure that their customers do not face any problem for which they make their customer care service 24/7 hours available and reply back to any grievance or queries as fast as possible.

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