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Bulk SMS Gateway Provider

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bulk sms gateway provider

What is SMS Gateway?

SMS gateway API is the software code that allows businesses to send short messages to the targeted customers. It is one of the finest and easiest ways to connect through SMS gateway API to send messages instantly without any hassle. Using an Application Programming Interface(API) offers security, reliability and flexibility to businesses. Enterprises and start up businesses can set up APIs to send or receive messages 24*7 hours across the globe.


Boost your operations with our world-class SMS Gateway and API for developers, and get SMS Compliance Guarantee for your business.

Multichannel Solutions

Under a single umbrella, get multiple services that help you reach out to your modern customers. Choose among Bulk sms services, voice solutions, email marketing, missed call service, WhatsApp Business APIs, and Truecaller Business Messaging, to build seamless interactions and support your customers.

Data Security

Security and privacy is a serious concern for all our customers in today's world. Customers want their data to be safe with them at all times and not with anyone else, even if it's a trusted third party application. Our end-to-end encryption ensures your sensitive data is protected, so rest assured.

National and International Deliveries

Mtalkz helps you manage your customers within India or abroad. Just use our APIs to send personalised and contextual messages to your customers outside India. Develop a relationship of trust and confidence with your international customers.

Multi-lingual Support

Combine your choice with convenience. Get your message across to millions of people in an instant with our affordable and easy to use services. You can convert the message in different languages as per different regions and deliver them instantly.

Real-time Delivery Reports

You can track the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns with real-time SMS delivery reports, including click-through metrics for all campaigns, links and attachments.

Scalable and Feature Rich

An SMS gateway is the communication bridge that connects your business with your users. It helps you send them text messages on their mobile phones in a secure, scalable and cost-effective manner. With our robust suite of features, feel free to scale up seamlessly while handling multiple users, roles and services.

Real-Time Insights

Our platform presents real-time insights and campaign analysis to the users that helps in tracking the messages and calls to action links. The API works along with different platforms and applications. So businesses can track the real information about the outcomes of SMS marketing campaigns.

Use WhatsApp API to connect with your customers

Notify your customers with relevant updates and improve your conversion rate with WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp is everyone’s favourite communication channel and it helps businesses to connect with their customers for product showcasing, customer servicing and enhancing engagement. 

How does SMS Gateway Works?

Bulk SMS gateway offers users an OTP authentication, a unique code generated through the algorithm. The OTP is valid only for a single sign-in that helps to provide security of data. Then, the gateway connects you to the mobile network via an HTTP interface so that the businesses can send the messages to the targeted audience. They don’t even have to worry about the delivery issues or speed of sending that can affect their performance.

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SMS Gateway – FAQs

Bulk SMS is the fastest mode of communication to send the data to the interested client on a specific number. BULK SMS are the fastest way to connect with the user. Business is all about creating contacts and providing affordable services to the contacts. Over the years, the business framework has changed, and so are their strategies. Be it an individual or any organization, BULK SMS makes it easier for the user to stay in touch.

An SMS gateway service is a technology that allows you to send and receive text messages (SMS) from a computer or application to a mobile phone. It acts as a bridge between the computer or application and the mobile network, allowing you to send SMS messages to mobile phones anywhere in the world. The SMS gateway service converts the digital message into an SMS message and sends it to the mobile network, which then delivers it to the recipient’s mobile phone. SMS gateway services can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, customer service, and transactions.

There are a number of different SMS gateway providers, each with their own features and pricing plans. Mtalkz is one of the best SMS Gateway provider.

SMS gateways allow you to send SMS messages to any mobile phone number in the world. SMS messages are sent through the SMS gateway to the SMSC (Short Message Service Center). The SMSC then forwards the message to the recipient’s mobile phone. The message is usually delivered within a few seconds.
  1. Transactional SMS– these messages are only for those customers who get the information about their Bank transactions only. The bank sends Bulk SMS in which they mention the specific information about ATM services or Internet transactions.

  2. Promotional SMS– these messages are intended for promotions, branding or any event that is happening, the customer receives SMS on their mobile phones.

Depending upon what packages you have opted for, we offer various plans starting from just ₹4,000 for 25,000 SMS. We make sure that our customer must get the best and reliable services.