How to Send Text Message ?

How to Send Text Message

If you wish to market in real-time, using SMS messages is essential. But for SMS services to be successful— the campaign must be well-planned, trackable and measurable. You can send bulk messages to your  audience segments, or you can send customised messages to further personalise the experience. By using this strategy, you may circumvent other […]

Is Email Marketing a Good Option for Customer Engagement?

email marketing for customers

Email marketing started as a one-way channel to reach the highest possible number of potential customers. Cut to today, where advancements in AI, audience segmentation, data collection and analysis make it simpler than ever for marketers to build a highly customised zone of email messages. Since B2B companies tend to have a large client base […]

Essential Tips on How SMS Marketing Helps in Customer Retention

bulk sms marketing

Businesses are exploring new innovative technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to demonstrate their products, attract new customers and increase sales. When it comes to traditional channels for messaging and informing customers, text messaging and email marketing are the most popular digital channels that have come a long way. SMS has been, […]

Number Masking – A Perfect Tool for Online Marketplaces

How Does Number Masking Work

Privacy is an asset in our hyper-connected world today. Wherever people go, whatever they do, they use their phone number to register for purchasing or inquiring about services. Individuals’ phone number is personal data that they only want to share with brands they trust.  A phone number is personal as well as sensitive information to […]

How To Send International SMS From India?

How To Send International SMS From India

Bulk SMS service has always been a pioneer tool for businesses to communicate with their target audience. Sending a personalised SMS helps businesses to build trust with their customers. International SMS service helps businesses to send messages to their clients residing in multiple countries without any glitch and at an affordable price. International Bulk SMS […]

How Food Industry is Embracing Digital Transformation

Food Industry is embracing Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. Because digital transformation will look different for every company, it can […]

SMS OTP Authentication – Demystified

SMS OTP a secure way of Login for Apps

Currently, a lot of online web applications are asking users to add an extra layer of security for their account. They do it by enabling 2-factor authentication. There are various methods of implementing 2-factor authentication, and TOTP (the Time-based One-Time Password algorithm) authentication is one of them.  The OTP sms is important and secure because […]

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Universities and Edtech

marketing automation for Universities and Edtech

It’s no wonder that marketing automation is becoming more popular among colleges and universities day by day. The marketing automation platforms that can entirely revolutionise student recruitment activities provide multifunctional solutions that can help scale your operations, boost personalisation, and track engagement. While most marketing automation tool systems have similar fundamental functions, the actual challenge […]

Is TOTP Really Better Than SMS? – Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

TOTP Really Better Than SMS

The 2FA SMS is a common delivery method that is quick, easy to access and doesn’t burden the system or other resources and helps to maintain security for the user’s account. But, in today’s technologically advanced era, SMS 2FA has fallen out steadily. Instead, TOTP generated by apps on the user’s device is not considered […]

How to integrate SMS gateway in PHP?

integrate SMS gateway in PHP

An SMS gateway allows servers to communicate between network operators via messages. This service can be used to communicate with the customers for different forms of services like OTP, transaction/order confirmations, digital verifications, and many more. API is a program used to connect various computers or programs. SMS API is a form of API which […]