SMS marketing is a very powerful tool and its rate of adoption among businesses has gone up significantly in the recent times. Sending SMS is a great way of reaching out to the customers instantly to give them marketing information about products, services and offers, and also various other transactional or general information.

Earlier, the companies had to manually compose and send out messages to thousands, even millions of customers. This would take time and the process was error-prone. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, it is now possible to integrate and SMS Gateway into the existing marketing channels, thereby automating the process to a great extent. The technology that is required to achieve this integration is known as an SMS API.

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is a small piece of software code that acts like a bridge between the SMS Gateway and the marketing or CRM platforms. It allows the two to talk to each other, so that information can easily flow from the marketing software and the SMS Gateway and vice versa. The information that is shared is encrypted and properly authenticated to avoid loss of data and possible malfunction.

The SMS API is a very powerful piece of software as it does a very complex task. Since it is most likely that the CRM/Marketing software and the SMS Gateway has been coded in different software languages, making them connect with each other would have been impossible earlier. However now with the availability of the SMS API, things have changed radically. Integration is now possible with just a few clicks, making the task of the marketers much simpler.

There are two versions of the SMS API which are commonly available today: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) API and the Representational State Transfer (Rest) API. The Rest API more versatile than the HTTP version.

Why should businesses use SMS API

For any company which has its eye on growth will need to stay closely in touch with its customers. This is a must if the company focuses on various aspects of growing a business like marketing, customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat sales. SMS API helps in automating this entire process by integrating the SMS Gateway with the other systems used by the company for marketing automation, customer service, accounting and invoicing, etc.

Sending out offers, billing information, service notices and any other information to the customers is now a breeze, thanks to the availability of the SMS API. The SMS Gateway and the other systems do not work in a silo any longer. They can share information with each other regularly and the sending of messages to customers happens automatically whenever the systems instruct the SMS Gateway to push the SMS notifications.

If you are a business owner or work for one, then you can send and architect bulk messages to your customers in huge volumes with an SMS API without any hassles. Any good SMS API and SMS Gateway provider will allow you to send SMS in multiple languages and formats to customers in your country as well as beyond it. It will also allow you to integrate your systems with a wide range of networks both nationally and internationally, thereby making your existing systems even more powerful.

So if you want to grow your business by being able to reach out to your customers without the hard manual labour, then the SMS API is going to be your best friend. It can greatly improve the efficiency of your business without straining your finances.

The advantages of using SMS API

Mtalkz provides a powerful SMS API which will allow you to integrate our bulk SMS Gateway with your existing systems. You get a plethora of advantages when you use our SMS API.

  • Easy set up: We will provide you with the API which is a set of quotes that you can easily integrate within your existing systems. If you are tech savvy then you can easily get this integrated yourself. Otherwise, you can ask your technology team to do the needful. Integration of the API is a one time process and does not take much time at all. If you need any help then you can contact our 24/7 helpdesk which is always ready to guide you through the process.
  • Versatile: Our SMS API is extremely powerful and will allow you to integrate our bulk SMS Gateway into a wide range of systems. It can be customised easily to integrate your mobile app, website or any other proprietor marketing or backend system with our SMS Gateway.
  • Scalable: The SMS API can easily handle the delivery of a large number of messages and it can be scaled up automatically. So you will not have to change anything in the API if you decide to increase your SMS
  • Speed: The SMS API is very agile, so it is very easy to send out a large number of messages through the SMS Gateway within a few seconds. Gone are the times when you had to wait for hours to get a few thousand is a message delivered. Our SMS API can handle thousands of messages through a single request and the SMS Gateway can deliver them within a few seconds.
  • Safety: Every message request that is transferred through the SMS API is authenticated properly to ensure that it originates from the right sources and is delivered to the right recipient. Each message is properly validated and encrypted before transfer, so the chances  ofthe SMS Gateway getting hacked or the malfunctioning of the system is less.

Using an SMS API is the best way to ensure your customer growth. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the best ways to connect with your customers in a personalized way to stay in touch with them. SMS as a marketing tool has worked wonders for many businesses. So why don’t you speak to Mtalkz to see how our SMS Gateway and SMS API can help your company to grow too?