Choosing an SMS vendor whether it is for promotional SMS or transactional SMS updates, demands more than just simple price comparison. The impact of the SMS campaigns depends on multiple factors including delivery rate, scalability, delivery speed, compliance, security, support, and campaign customization options. In this guide, we will showcase you the factors one should consider while selecting a bulk SMS provider:

Maximum Delivery for Maximum Returns

With multiple years of experience in SMS communications and billions of SMS, Mtalkz benefits from multiple telecom operator partnerships and an intelligent, fine-tuned SMS gateway technology. As a result, Mtalkz guarantees best-in-class delivery rates and ultra-low latencies for all the SMS messages, while being fully compliant with TRAI regulations. Local SMS providers and resellers are often connected to a single operator or SMS gateway, while Mtalkz offers connectivity with more than 1000 operators across the world.

Send Customized SMS Campaigns 

With Mtalkz, one can easily create powerful, customized SMS campaigns. Whether it is personalizing millions of texts via distinct fields, sending regional language texts, attaching files and images, or scheduling the pushes, it is all incredibly easy with Mtalkz. One can even create and send personalized coupons, tickets and surveys. With Mtalkz unique award-winning features, one can quickly craft such campaigns saving both time and resources. Best feature among these is tracking of call to action respondents for re-targetting purposes.

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Authentic Reports = Right Decisions

Mtalkz provides authentic real-time reports so that one can track delivery status of every SMS sent. The delivery reports are directly retrieved from operator updates and updated on the platdform. Watch out for fraudulent SMS providers that provide fake delivery reports to make up for the low prices.  Using Mtalkz Bulk SMS system gives complete peace of mind to the users in terms of speed and quantity of message processing.

Importance of 24×7 Customer Support

Various customer reviews on independent third party review sites fail to provide complete information. From simple product demos and marketing tips to personalized campaign recommendations, one needs to assess all parameters before making a final decision. With Mtalkz, our mobile marketing experts and support engineers are always available to help consumers.  We will enable your teams to select the right combination among SMS, Email, Voice SMS, Whatsapp Business API and Chatbots to give maximum return for your investments.

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Multi-language SMS

The platform of SMS service providers must support multi-language SMSs. This will help to break language barriers and send SMS to any region across the world in their preferred language. Vernacular communications come very easy with the multilanguage support on Mtalkz bulk messaging service.

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Clear and Honest Pricing with Zero Hidden Charges

We are transparent about Mtalkz pricing structure throughout the website, emails and calls. There are absolutely no hidden charges – our award-winning SMS platform & APIs are free-to-use forever. 

We know it’s a long list to consider for choosing an SMS provider, but in the end one can stay worry-free and reach out to their customers seamlessly. This checklist provided will ensure to choose the best bulk SMS provider in the market for the communications needs.

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