Recently we have been hearing the term API too frequently, mostly when we talk about a company, its communication, and digitization. API is an abbreviation used for Application Programming Interface, defined as a set of definitions or protocols used for building and integrating software for digital service. Now that you know what APIs are, it is important to understand what communication APIs mean and why they are important.

Communication APIs are APIs that give businesses the ability to embed text messaging, voice services, email functionality, WhatsApp chatting and other communications functionality into a software application. With the growth of the digital world, all the companies are now shifting to the digital platform and hence embracing APIs at an increased pace. The APIs help make the business process much easier, more reliable, and highly efficient. They are the need of the hour as without them almost all enterprise systems will become time-consuming, manual, and as a result of this much expensive. 

One of the key business processes of all enterprises and corporates is communication. To stay highly engaged with their customers, vendors, employees and stakeholders, communication APIs are called to build trust and connections. Furthermore, given the smart level of communication technology available in the enterprise space today, it is in the company’s interest to be well placed in the market by utilising cutting-edge multi-channel business communication tools. This will help the companies enhance their growth capabilities by boosting operations, having an organized & streamlined workflow, and communicating & collaborating more efficiently.

What are Communication APIs?

The Application Programming Interfaces, which have been designed to serve the purpose of streamlined, structured, and standardized internal and external communications in an organization are known as communication APIs.

Types of communication APIs available today:

  • 2-way SMS API
  • SIP Trunking 
  • Number Discovery

SMS API and how they work

An SMS API is a communication API that can be integrated into different types of software to send a large volume of texts at once. For example, you can integrate an SMS API into your marketing platform and send SMS (text message) to millions of users across the globe at once.

Additionally, you can keep track of its performance and success by linking it with your big data and analytics applications. You can then effectively scale up or down your performance depending on the cost requirement and current goals.

The key benefits of deploying an SMS API:

  • Use custom language as per user’s preference
  • Ensure effective message delivery and successful targeting 
  • Take advantage of the Home Location Register (HRL) lookup
  • Check the quality of delivery and performance (of your text message)

Why do Businesses Need an SMS API Today?

We all are aware of the fact that enterprises today are extensively involved in both external and internal communications. Also, today communication is one of the core factors influencing any business process. Communication APIs like SMS API help enterprises in increasing marketing advantage and business growth at low costs. 

The bulk SMS API can be easily integrated into an existing software/backend cost-effectively. As a matter of fact, you will see many organizations delivering expert solutions in handling this for other enterprises. Among the best partners to provide leading communication API services is Mtalkz , a communication solution-oriented SAAS company. Mtalkz is a cloud-based SAAS provider that offers services to empower bulk SMS, voice SMS, email marketing, and many other digital communication services. With our gamut of services, your brand can engage with the right customers at the right time, witnessing exponential growth. 

Communication APIs are the best way to get complete control of the communication processes as a company. Get started now to see differences in your productivity and workflows by integrating with Mtalkz’s APIs.