Have you been using the best marketing tools to win benefits for your business? As a business marketer, you’ve probably been introduced to both Email marketing and SMS marketing. It can be challenging to know where your marketing bucks will be best spent. When you have a business, you surely don’t want to waste money trying a new strategy you’re not sure of. It can be helpful to weigh the facts side-by-side to know which method will be best for you when it comes to SMS marketing vs Email marketing. By comparing the two, you can be sure you’re getting the greatest bang for your buck with every campaign.

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is utilised to inform, build a community around your offerings and drive sales. However, contemporary Email marketing focuses more on segmentation, personalisation, and consent. For example, email marketing also shares newsletters with updates about the company or sales promotions and exclusive subscribers’ deals. Email marketing may also attempt to share a piece of generic information about the company. Furthermore, it enables businesses to keep customers notified and customise marketing mails to their audience.

What is SMS Marketing?

It is a marketing procedure that uses text messages to deliver updates, offers and send customer reminders. This form of communication might be a one-on-one chat between a live agent and a customer. On the other hand, it could also be an automated chatbot by a customer action, or it could even be part of a bulk SMS sent to a group of customers who have opted-in to receive messages from your business. SMS marketing is suitable for all kinds of businesses, big or small, as it accomplishes multiple objects in a shorter period. 

Best of Both Worlds: Blending SMS and Email Marketing

In retrospect, there truly isn’t one winner. SMS and Email both serve the same purpose and come with an array of communication and marketing opportunities. Moreover, they are two very complementary channels. You can generate campaigns through both channels, utilising Email for incorporating more detailed information and SMS to send more time-sensitive or urgent messages. Adopting Email in cooperation with SMS marketing will increase your marketing efforts and enable your business to reach diverse audiences. Here are some excellent use cases of both these strategies together:

  • Promotion and Sales Marketing: Use Email to announce upcoming sales and SMS to present an added discount at the last minute or remind customers that the sale will be ending soon.
  • Event Management Tool: Sending Emails to promote an event to generate initial interest and remind people to sign up. SMS sends event reminders the day before, provides parking information the day of the event, and gives weather updates during the event.
  • Contest Marketing Tools: Publicising contest benefits and details via Emails and encouraging customers to enter the contest before the deadline and announce a winner when the contest ends via SMSes. 

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By integrating SMS marketing with email marketing, you can follow up your promotional email campaigns with text messages to assure your information isn’t missed. This strategy brings customers into your business ecosystem and gives them multiple touch points to develop a relationship with your business. Partner with mTalkz today to explore multiple channels to engage your customers, anytime, anywhere. Bulk SMS marketing has the power to help companies reach out to as many people as they want across the world, and Bulk Email marketing with high throughput and scalability for customers who want to transmit high volume traffic.