WhatsApp Business API is a first-party solution launched by Whatsapp to establish business and customer connections for business-related communication. This step from Whatsapp has proven to be well received by the masses and is used by many small businesses. This is a great solution for people who don’t want to invest a lot of money in Whatsapp API for business but still require the services.WhatsApp offers its own Whatsapp Business API for small businesses and allows third-party solution providers like mTalkz to operate.

WhatsApp API is a free-to-use application that is available across all platforms. The app while being well received is still facing a couple of issues and complaints regarding the setup time taken. Generally, the setup process can last up to one to couple weeks and in the worst case a month. To tackle this problem and take advantage of a boom in e-commerce due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WhatsApp has now brought its Whatsapp Business API to the cloud, this step is said to reduce the setup time from a couple of weeks to a couple of minutes. This step is said to bring in more users who were previously hesitant to use the platform due to the time taken to set up and get things going.

WhatsApp API for business is a widely used service in today’s time and makes the whole process of e-commerce more convenient for the end-users and also the sellers. WhatsApp conducted a few surveys before investing in this business model and their survey showed that 75% of their users preferred messaging over calls. This statement not only provides assurance but also points towards the new standard set for customer services. This survey was conducted by WhatsApp in its largest markets, this is keeping in mind its huge userbase worldwide. 

This new WhatsApp Business API on the cloud is a separate application from the normal Whatsapp Business API and WhatsApp has no immediate plan of forcing its customers to switch. This new platform will be run independently and is hosted on Facebook’s server(WhatsApp’s parent company). This new development by WhatsApp also delays the time in the verification of clients who use third-party solution providers like mTalkz etc.

Along with this upgrade, WhatsApp has also been working on providing a smoother experience to the end-users, like out-of-stock alerts and other new features. WhatsApp API for business is not like normal WhatsApp that you use to communicate with your friend or family, these conversations are not encrypted and that fact is not hidden. While using the service customers will be notified at the top of their screens about the lack of encryption. These new developments not only make it easier for businesses to connect with customers but also allow customers to block unwanted businesses to message them by simply blocking them by either telling them to stop, or blocking them via the app, or making changes through the company’s website.

This new development in the WhatsApp API for business market has brought in a whole lot of new features which will definitely help the business world. The application is currently in its BETA program with select partners and will be available for the solution providers and customers in starting 2022.