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The WhatsApp Business API is a fast, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach their customers all over the world.Make it super easy for your channel partners and customers to connect. Use Mtalkz SMS gateway to inform and WhatsApp Business API to engage.

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WhatsApp API

Combine the Mtalkz Whatsapp Business API with Bulk SMS Servicess, Voice SMS Service and Missed Call service service to give limitless experience to your Customers & Borrowers and stakeholders.

Business WhatsApp API Plans


per month/Billed Annually
  • WhatsApp “Business Initiated Conversation” = ₹ 0.4843
  • Mtalkz Platform Processing Fees for Outgoing Messages under “Business Initiated Conversation” = ₹ 0.10
  • WhatsApp “User Initiated Conversation”
    = ₹ 0.2906
  • Mtalkz Platform Processing Fees for Incoming Messages under “User Initiated Conversation” = ₹ 0.08
  • Live Agent – ₹ 1,600 agent/per month
  • Unlimited Templates approval
  • Real Time Reports
  • APIs, HTTPS, encryption and Webhooks
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per month/Billed Annually

  • WhatsApp “Business Initiated Conversation” = ₹ 0.4843
  • Mtalkz Platform Processing Fees for Outgoing Messages under “Business Initiated Conversation” = ₹ 0.06
  • WhatsApp “User Initiated Conversation”
    = ₹ 0.2906
  • Mtalkz Platform Processing Fees for Incoming Messages under “User Initiated Conversation” = ₹ 0.06
  • Live Agent – ₹ 1,500 agent/per month
  • Unlimited Templates approval
  • Real Time Reports
  • APIs, HTTPS, encryption and Webhooks
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WhatsApp Business API for Developers

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With over 2 billion users and total supremacy in over 20 countries, WhatsApp has become synonymous with texting and connectivity. It is a valuable tool for individuals to immediately, regardless of distance, reach their families and loved ones. With the launch in 2018 of WhatsApp Industry, this site has opened up and built-in an increasingly rich and engineered way into a holistic solution for companies and enterprises.

What is an WhatsApp API?

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API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface that is essentially a code that enables one application to talk to another application and combine both worlds’ best. To integrate an API into your application takes a little bit of coding knowledge. There are detailed documents that instruct you to perform specific tasks to accurately and effectively integrate an API. WhatsApp also has in house and third party support to help you with the integration of your business with WhatsApp.

This consolidation of resources will help you reach your customers directly and securely. To get started with the WhatsApp API one has to get your entity approved by WhatsApp through your Facebook Business Manager ID. First, log into your company’s Facebook Business Manager account and click on business settings. Under the Business Managers Info, you will see your Business Manager ID number. Give us that number, and we will do the rest! 

How can we help about WhatsApp Business API Integration?

Drive Exceptional CX with WhatsApp Business API

Certify your Whatsapp Account with Facebook

We have a team of API and coding experts to help you resolve any technical issue at any time. We will also help you to set up your WhatsApp Business API account seamlessly. Knowledgeable and robust technical support is the backbone of our business and is especially useful for WhatsApp API integration. WhatsApp API through our services will also enable you to instantly see real-time insights and instantly track your campaign’s impact. This also allows you to make real-time changes to tweak your campaign and have the best engagement numbers possible. We also offer a comprehensive guide to building chatbots on WhatsApp to automate enquiries to your business and show another level of sophistication in customer support experience for your customers.

With WhatsApp Business API’s help, you can send your target consumers messages anytime you want and from anywhere. You will also gain access to our unparalleled consumer support 24*7 to get the solutions for all your problems as soon as possible.All these functionalities are accessible instantly as soon as you complete the necessary formalities! Please request a demo by clicking on the top right corner of the screen or call us anytime at +91-9868629924

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* If your profile is rejected for some reason, the package price will be refunded back to you.


Doxper offers comprehensive recording of medical prescriptions with zero behavioural change, as well as interactions between a clinician and a patient.We were having an urgent need for a WhatsApp Business API account and then we found Mtalkz. Not only they helped us to get our WhatsApp Business API account in just 3 weeks but the kind of support they have extended right from the initial documentation to integration to launch is quite appreciable. Thank you so much for lightning fast services.

Mtalkz has been the vendor for integrating WhatsApp services for our Product Pooraa. Thanks to their continuous and prompt support, we have been able to implement one of the most comprehensive interactive WhatsApp platforms in India. I personally thank Prakash and Shivanshu for their support and would recommend Mtalkz.

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WhatsApp Business API – FAQ

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp has currently three products in marketPeer to Peer end user application that is generally downloadable from the Playstore or the app store. This form of application is meant for individual end users. WhatsApp Business-  This again is available on Play store and Appstore and it enables some limited amount of functionality for Business’s like some standard automated responses and publishing of catalogue through Facebook integration.  This form of application is suitable for small business who have limited users and can handle those queries individually. WhatsApp Business API – This is a formal business version of WhatsApp.  To get this a business has to undergo an approval process with Facebook.  Once approved the business will get an API that they can use to integrate with their backend systems like CRM/ERP/Marketing/Website and send automated messages to users based on their interactions with the business.

How can I integrate WhatsApp API in my website?

Once you subscribe to our plans and your WhatsApp Business API account is approved through your Facebook Business Manager ID page, we will hand over a set of API’s to you to integrate with your website. These are simple API’s that can be integrated by your developer, if any technical assistance is required then our support@mtalkz.com team will provide guidance.

Why Do I need WhatsApp Business Automation

Impact of COVID19 is felt at multilevels around the world. Customer are increasingly going to ask for app less and contact less methods of interacting with your brand.

Can I integrate WhatsApp into my app?

Yes you can integrate the WhatsApp Business API notifications with your app with help of Open API’s and chatbot hooks. We also provide chatbot development service and are capable of independently build and host your chatbot. Your developers will need to share hooks and API’s calls to integrate.Choose from our subscription plan on WhatsApp API for Business page and start sending the messages.

Is there an API for WhatsApp?

Yes, there are open API’s available for WhatsApp and these are provisioned once your entity is approved by WhatsApp through your Facebook Business Manager ID.Log into your company’s Facebook Business Manager account.Go to Business Settings.Below Business Manager Info, you’ll see your Business Manager ID number.

Need Customer Support What can I do?

You can use just Simple steps Email (support@mtalkz.com) or call (9868629924). Our versatile experts will solve your problem immediately and will help you coordinate with WhatsApp as it may be required.

What is the difference between WhatsApp business and WhatsApp business API?

WhatsApp Business is a downloadable product and is suitable for individual run business who would like to give out store information and some standard response to customer.  Also it allows publishing of catalogue through Facebook. WhatsApp Business API is suitable for large and medium business’s who would like to send multiple variety of messages to their customers based on the type of interaction being carried out.  IN this product the enterprise will get an API that they can use to integrate with their back end systems and even use it for chat based e-commerce and payments.

Who are top providers of Whatsapp Business Automation

This is a new and emerging area, there are many leading organizations that are attempting to provide whatsapp enablement services but a few that have ability to design and implement the entire journey. Mtalkz scores high among competition for three things.1. Ability of understand customers business and service requirements. 2. Create tailor made WhatsApp Business API based solutions and driving customer engagement through a combination of SMS, Voice, Social media and emails.3. Offering irresistible value through economic pricing and comprehensive support.

Is Mtalkz a approved Whatsapp partner ?

WhatsApp has mandated certain organisations in each country to act as distribution points for increasing market reach. Mtalkz works with several such approved vendors.  However, its not necessary to take services directly from an approved vendor, only permissions for enablement need to be routed through an approved partner and this will be managed end to end by Mtalkz.

Will WhatsApp Allow me to push marketing campaigns ?

Absolutely not, push campaigns are not allowed on WhatsApp business api as this is essentially a conversation channel. However, intelligent customer journey can be designed to enable sharing of relevant information with the customers.

Can I do e-commerce on WhatsApp ?

Intelligent chat flows can be designed so that customers can get customised links to make payments. WhatsApp are coming with new features every month to enable a larger business use of their platform.

Can I send Pictures, Videos, PDF? Is my data Safe ?

Yes you can send rich media files provided they become a part of an approved journey.  These will be sent as attachments to the messages and should contain relevant information related to the discussion. Absolutely,  WhatsApp messaging data is protected by HTTPS protocols, for chatbot data you can ask for a more customised design to enhance security of your data.

How can I get WhatsApp API for Business?

Getting WhatsApp API is an easy process these days. Once you reach out to us our teams will guide you through an approval process that will be run through your Facebook Business Manager ID pageYou will need a number that has not been used on Whatsapp beforeApproximate set up time is about 7-14 days.Our teams will also help you and advise you on how to design your messages and templates so that approval is fasterAlso we will help you purchase a plan to support your messaging requirements.