Struggling To scale up your business-mTalkz Bulk SMS Service can help you

Scale up Your Business with mtalkz bulk sms service

 We Indians are now living through some very exciting times. India has emerged as 6th top performing economy of the world as per the latest World Bank report.  India has also become leading global provider of IT services, BPO and software services.  The country is now the world’s third largest start-up hub adding over 3000 technology start-ups during the year 2014-15. Companies like Mtalkz are in the top league of world companies providing bulk SMS services gateway with highest rated security and ease of usageIndia is otherwise also known as the land of petty traders.

The country holds the distinction of having the largest number of Pop and Mom retail stores. These stores have been doing brisk business in towns and villages. Even the Prime Minister now acknowledges the power of ‘Pakora’ vendors. Small businesses, it seems is the future of modern business world.

In the modern age the low skilled jobs are drying out due to automation. This is forcing more and more young people to start small businesses on their own. A number of housewives are also getting on this bandwagon and are in the process of wealth creation through the process of small business. Internet of things (IOT) is helping in speeding up this process.

These small businesses make good money initially but find it extremely difficult to scale up. The reach of their businesses is generally restricted to their colony or mohalla or amongst their friends and acquaintances. Most of such businesses either close down in frustration after some time or these continue to survive at a very small scale. This happens because the small businesses are not in a position to either market their products to a large audience of customers over a large geographical area or these lack the wherewithal to stay connected with their customers regularly, much against their wishes.

It is now possible for these small businesses to market their products beyond their colonies using the latest technologies. Mobile telephony being provided by Telecommunication companies and internet has now enhanced the reach of such small businesses. Most of the start ups in the west start from garages and then go on to dominate the whole world by exploiting the power of the networked world. The Indians are now using telephones widely and it is not a rare sight any more to see even rickshaw pullers and vegetable vendors using their mobile phones to stay in touch with their customers. It is now the right time for Indian small businesses to grow their businesses exponentially using smart phones and internet connectivity.

Small businesses find it difficult to connect to the customers beyond their small area of influence because of limited reach and limited advertisement budget. It is tough for them to connect to new customers and stay connected with their existing customers. A company who can help these small businesses to overcome these handicaps and spread their wings will be a boon to them.

Mtalkz is the Company which is striving to help the small businesses to scale up using latest technology. The company is in the business of sending Bulk SMS using the latest API software. It had been found that SMS have an almost ninety per cent more click rate as compared to the e mails. Bulk SMS has been found to be the most cost effective method of customer acquisition and retention by small businesses. No wonder that all bank, financial companies and FMCG companies use bulk SMS for growing their business. Political parties and even politicians have started using this service. Mtalkz is the best bulk sms company in Delhi.

A small business can use the system of bulk sms to display their latest offerings to a very wide audience. Mtalkz can even handle sms across the whole globe. The sms are sent to a selected targeted audience and thus achieving a very high efficiency and conversion rate. Mtalkz can even help in analytics of the sms thus providing more bang for the buck

Once a customer has been acquired thereafter, small businesses need to regularly provide information to its customers regarding new arrivals or new products as also new offers. Bulk sms is the most preferred service to meet this requirement. The companies which provide such services are called sms marketing companies. Mtalkz is the top SMS marketing service provider in India

Mtalkz helps a small business to send SMS text messages across a range of networks in any country. The sms can be sent directly from a computer or a smart phone using the software architecture provided by Mtalkz

malkz include SMS alerts,  SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS for CRM.

Mtalkz is a true friend of a small business operator who is looking forward to scale up his business and reach a wider range of customers both horizontally in wider geographical area and vertical by touching all the segments of society.

There are a number of companies providing bulk SMS services and people want to know the Unique selling point (USP) of Mtalkz. The USP of the company can be summarised in one phrase, which is “personalised customer service and highest level of security”. The security of the infrastructure is even better than Google Plus and Facebook.

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