One thing you must know is that the SMS deliverability rate is close to 100%. Hence, if you enable SMS notifications for your eCommerce business, the open rate is 98%. Along with this, bulk message services for SMS notifications are not just a marketing tool – you can also use them to alert your customers about their order updates, two-factor authentication, and much more.

In this article, you will find out how enabling SMS notifications can benefit your business.

SMS Notifications | Basics

They are texts that your business sends in reaction to an event or activity. These alerts are high definition, to-the-point, issued solely to current subscribers, and cut through the clutter to accommodate the shortened attention span of the majority of modern consumers. 

Additionally, SMS notifications stand out from other forms of communication like emails because—as you probably well know—emails are prone to getting into spam. You can further stand out from the clutters of overcrowded channels such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

SMS Notifications | Benefits

  • SMS Notification Offers A Superior Level Of Customer Service

SMS Notification Offers A Superior Level Of Customer Service

It is relatively easier to fetch a client, and they might even make a one-time purchase, but the main task is to retain the client. The only thing that will make the client come back to you is the customer experience you provide them. Customer experience is one of the most crucial ways of customer acquisition.

The better the consumer experience, the more genuine, transparent, responsive, and speedy your eCommerce business will be. eCommerce companies may improve customer service and lower incoming queries by using SMS to alert consumers in real time about the status of their transactions and orders.

Employing SMS notifications to update your customers about the status of their orders helps to have a smooth customer purchasing journey. It also shows that you are concerned about the product reaching them safely. And also that you care about their experience with you and that you are not just limited to receiving the money. 

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  • SMS Is The Quickest Method

SMS is the fastest way to communicate any information. 90% of SMS get read within 3 minutes and 94% within 5 minutes of delivery due to its short content and less time-consuming nature.

An order status SMS not only answers your customer questions but also prevents you from the requirement to hire more staff to handle the voluminous amount of order status calls. It also suffices as a great option to reach customers quickly during a flash sale or promotional discounts, which can further help elevate your sales. 

  • Bulk Message Service Is Cost-Effective

Bulk Message Service Is Cost-Effective

Even for businesses with a tight budget, SMS notifications are one of the most cost-effective ways to market their services. It’s observed to be much more cost-effective than emailing and direct calling the customers for updates and queries. You may communicate with all of your clients and inform them of your promos and the status of their orders for a relatively lesser amount than other channels each month.

The average cost per click for Facebook advertising is around 12 cents (₹10). Because SMS marketing doesn’t charge for clicks, it is far less expensive than using other methods.

  • SMS Notifications Provide Higher ROI

With an average person opening his phone 159 times throughout the day, SMS has an opening rate of 98%. Whereas, its’ competitors’ email has a 20% open rate. Therefore, sending SMS about offers and order status ensures your consumer is informed and engaged and produces a good ROI because of the high read rate.

There are two factors at play for the higher ROI. The first is that higher engagement rates increase conversions. Second, SMS is a marketing channel with a minimal cost of entry. You can spread your message to a lot of people without spending a lot of money.

It makes SMS a desirable choice for eCommerce firms who want to maximize the return on their marketing investments.

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  • SMS Services Can Lower The Rates of Cart-Abandonment

SMS Services Can Lower The Rates of Cart-Abandonment

67.45% of online shopping carts get abandoned. Cart-Abandonment means a failure in converting a potential buyer into a customer and further a loss in the sale for your business.

It can build an impact by integrating SMS into your eCommerce website. It can promptly SMS a discount coupon to a consumer who has abandoned a cart, enticing them back to the site and completing the transaction.

Customers can be re-directed to their abandoned cart and up to a 45% recovery rate via SMS messages and reminders.


Therefore, there is no doubt that SMS excels in contrast to the declining effectiveness of sponsored advertisements and other channels. With the help of SMS alerts, you can establish a one-on-one relationship with your target audience, and enhance customer experience and retention while driving engagement and income.

Hence, when used appropriately, SMS has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool for e-commerce companies. You now know how SMS marketing can influence your business. So, to start with, you will require a bulk message service. Mtalkz provides the fastest, most reliable, and most flexible bulk sms packages

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