The WhatsApp chatbot is a quick and hassle-free way for businesses to engage with their prospects and customers, benefiting both sides. This AI-powered technology acts as a lifesaver for most businesses allowing them to be available 24 hours a day.

According to renowned marketing expert Matthew Barby, better chatbot experiences with more engaged audiences can result in up to 80–90% response rates. The demand for chatbots in e-commerce has increased gradually due to their ability to address customer queries in a matter of seconds. 

In this article, we will explain the benefits of WhatsApp chatbots in the e-commerce business, must-have features, and the best WhatsApp chatbot for an e-commerce business. Make sure you read the entire article to completely understand chatbots with WhatsApp API integration for E-Commerce business.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbots in E-commerce Business

WhatsApp API integration with chatbots can bring tremendous results to your e-commerce business. Here are some of the advantages of using chatbots in an online store.

  • 24/7 Support

WhatsApp chatbots can communicate with your customers at any time, either day or night. Using chatbots, you can instantly answer your customer’s queries, which gives both the customer and the Business a sense of satisfaction. Quick responses enable e-commerce stores to make sales immediately.

In particular, it’s a must-have feature for e-commerce stores selling internationally. It allows you to provide support during all time zones, irrespective of country and availability.

  • Nurture Website Leads

Let’s say when a new visitor lands on your e-commerce store from any source like google, social media, ads, etc., they are interested in your product. If they register on your store and do not become immediate customers, you can use WhatsApp chatbots to interact with such leads and convert them directly. You also have the opportunity to store some of their basic data like name, email id, mobile number etc., and retarget them through other mediums. This way, you can nurture the Website Leads with Chatbots.

  • Cost-Effective

Most of the simple queries get resolved and filtered through the WhatsApp chatbot. They will answer FAQs, product details, offers, discounts, and generic questions. So it is the cost-effective method to address your customers 24/7. You only require less workforce to handle queries. This Chatbot allows you to offer efficient customer support without having to pay for additional staff. 

  • Creating sales funnel

You might already be aware of the popular term AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action), which is the most effective way to get sales. By creating a sales funnel with a chatbot, you can convert the most interested leads to paying customers. By leveraging sales funnels with chatbots, it is possible to maximize customer retention. Hence chatbots can provide the best return on investment for your Business. 

  • Customization

You can convert more customers just by customizing the chatbot conversion. Customizing the conversations for potential visitors, repeat customers, and persons who have already visited can help engage consumers. You can experiment by triggering offers and discounts to increase your store’s sales. Eventually, you will get the best way to get the sales done to your brand.

  • Increased productivity

When chatbots filter out all the generic and repetitive questions, it can boost the productivity of frontline employees. This enables the support employee to engage in handling challenging one-on-one inquiries. Therefore, chatbots can assist your team in being more focused and productive than usual.

  • Abandoned recovery

When visitors like a product from your store and add it to the cart, they abandon it for various reasons. Chatbots can send alerts of discounts or price drops of the product. It has more chances to sell as Whatsapp has more open rates than email. Therefore Chatbots can successfully recover abandoned carts with WhatsApp alerts. 

  • Collecting Feedback

Chatbots are useful for gathering conversational data that can be used to enhance them further. After the query has been answered, you can request feedback on the experience to understand any problems or pain points users may have had with your website. 

WhatsApp Chatbot Features For E-Commerce Businesses

  • Easy setup without coding

The WhatsApp chatbot you select should be simple to set up and integrate with your company’s workflows. It shouldn’t include difficult coding processes that require much time. Chatbots should quickly understand and respond to common questions. 

  • Escalate queries to a support person

When the WhatsApp chatbot receives a challenging query that it cannot handle, it should be able to alert a support person for help. Rapid response to a query will increase the chances of sales and customer satisfaction. If the query is delayed or answered late, it might have fewer chances of a sale. Therefore, moving the conversation along as quickly as possible is crucial.

  • Chatbot Analytics- track the engagement

Chatbot analytics are crucial in understanding how the Chatbot is functioning and where it is underperforming. You can get a complete overview of the entire conversation in a single place. It enables you to determine where you need to progress clearly. It will be a great option if you have the convenience of downloading the report on Chatbot performance.

  • WhatsApp API integration- Omnichannel Support

The Chatbot should offer omnichannel support. It includes answering customer queries in different languages and on different channels apart from websites like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp chatbot, etc. It helps to address the customers on different channels and does not let you miss any leads or prospects. So it is essential to have omnichannel chatbot support. 

Best WhatsApp Chatbot for your E-Commerce Business

Chatbots can create incredible results for your e-commerce business. Before choosing WhatsApp API integration, ensure they include all the necessary features for your Business. We at Mtalkz offer the finest chatbot for your e-commerce business with all the essential features. Feel free to try it out with our free trial. 

Hope this article has helped you understand the importance of WhatsApp chatbots for the e-commerce industry.