SMS Marketing From Mtalkz

Time has changed and so have business strategies. The entire business structures have taken a new direction to promote their products or the services. And why not, if the technology has spread its wings, then it’s incumbent to lead in a way. We must appreciate that we are living in a Digital age, where we can reach anywhere and anytime.  This is a blessing for us, where everything is accessible with one click.

SMS marketing is the easiest way to deal with new customers or the existing ones. Companies are coming with attractive slogans “Reach your customers in matter of minutes with our instant delivery. Make your marketing campaigns more effective with Retargeting solutions.”

Before we move further, it’s important to understand the concept of SMS marketing.

Why do we need SMS marketing?

The big stalwarts of the industries are planning to incorporate SMS marketing in their business venture.

SMS marketing is quite an effective way to approach mobile users all across the nation. It helps to make them aware of the products and services. It has been observing for so many years, that we receive texts from different numbers. Many of the times, we do ignore them. We hardly bother to give them a second glance.

As a matter of fact, now we have come to know about its importance and we have become more aware of. It’s all about creating awareness about the products and services. Sending messages or texts is more flexible than calling and e-mailing.

What are the types of SMS Marketing?

The market has become aware about the SMS marketing and its types. There are two types of SMS marketing through which the customers get information about the products and services.   

1. Transactional Bulk SMS – these messages are only for those customers who get the information about their Bank transactions only. The bank sends Bulk SMS in which they mention the specific information about ATM services or Internet transactions.

2. Promotional Bulk SMS – these messages are intended for promotions, branding or any event that is happening, the customer receives SMS on their mobile phones.

The message is quite clear and concise about SMS marketing and its purposes. What could be a better way to reach the target audience and get the correct ROI? To connect with the massive amount of users while texting 160 characters, it shows that it is a new stage and a new age of Digital Industry.

The advantages of SMS marketing.

The Mobile Industry has taken a new shape altogether. It has come with its own advantages and disadvantages. SMS marketing has its own benefits as well. Certainly, it has managed to transform the entire structure of the business and create distinct routes to move forward in the specific area.

Everything is getting easy and available at users fingertips. Shopping, traveling, and small businesses, everything has become more convenient and faster, which is an achievement for human life.

E-Commerce is the best example of this. The entire idea has blown out the mindset of the buyer and the users. It has become easy to stay in contact with prospective customers to engage and attract them while sending promotional SMS.

Traveling industry has grown with the SMS marketing. Every minute’s information and every detailed information is available at the fingertips. The user can check the details of flights, trains, the departure, arrival, cancellation, and so on.

It has been observed over the years, that in a large organization, where the size of the employee’s is more than thousands in numbers, it was a challenge to connect with them.  SMS marketing has made it easier and comfortable to keep in contact with the employee anytime.

The importance of SMS marketing and why it is used for?

It is imperative for the owner to cross check; does he use the right way to achieve the target without affecting the business cost?  Many ideas have evolved with SMS marketing. Social Media is the examples which have contributed to extending the mobile industry in a larger way. Those who are willing to grow and expand, it has become a new way out to develop while following the standard business model.

Let’s give a sneak peek at the uses of SMS marketing.

Immediate meeting reminders, Appointments, Customer orders, Short term promotional SMS for retailers, Urgent updates, and so on are no longer unfamiliar words for the owners and the users. SMS marketing has made life easier to stay connected with each other.

There was a time when E-mail marketing was in a trend to connect with prospective customers and make them aware of the products. It would take time to reach, read and respond. SMS marketing made the road easier, especially for the people who couldn’t afford to lose the vision and the intention of their prospective customers.

In the digital age, everyone is trying to stay connected with each other without wasting their precious time and resources. Everyone likes to stay alert and informed. What else is the best way to do so?

SMS marketing is no longer an alien subject to mobile users. It has created a necessity for every individual. Apart from its uses, the SMS marketing has given many new outlines which are being maneuvered by the big corporations, of course in the right way.

Isn’t sound interesting to do the online business without investing copious amount of money? The prospect owners can be assured to earn while stationed at their comfort zone and operating on a larger scale. Instant Delivery, the quick delivery report along with 24*7 technical supports is no longer a task anymore. The substantial element is to provide the best service to the customers to sustain in the competitive race.


Every business model has its own strategies and objectives. SMS marketing is one of its kinds, which has created a stir among the service providers and the users. One cannot avoid the benefits of it which are advancing with the time and the requirement of the users.

Reaching professionals, customers, subscribers, and members, are no more an arduous task. At least not in this digital age. The digital platform has made it much smoother to expand the reach and to interact with the prospect leads. SMS marketing is the medium to extend the scope in a fraction of seconds.  Creating awareness, and generating funds while sending in personalized text to interact with the masses, is the new phase of connecting people. This is the beauty of Bulk SMS marketing which is spreading all across the worldwide with outstanding results.